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  1. Available: All you need to know if you want to hunt in Spain

    Spain is one of the most desired hunting destinations for hunters. The variety of species, the possibility of adapting each hunt to the expectations of each one, the favorable weather conditions that prevail in most of the hunting days, make Spain an ideal country for hunting. I am writting...
  2. Hi

    Hi Passionate hunter based in Surrey’ looking for deer stalking opportunities and interested in rifles and associated optics. Used to ahoot a lot in France aome time ago.
  3. Wanted: looking for a gold medal Roe buck

    hi chaps. Currently looking to bag a nice Gold medal roe buck this season to have shoulder mounted on the wall for another memory. And to look at over the years to come. if anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. If you have been seeing or hold good heads could you please...
  4. Roe buck alladins slippers

    Seen this buck hobbling about in a field with a few other bucks tonight. Thought it’d be a good buck to cull. On inspection found it had one swollen front foot and both front feet were overgrown. Must have been in some amount of pain walking about. The back feet didn’t look too bad. Wasn’t in...
  5. Stories of first roe bucks

    I got my first ever roe buck today and thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else wanted to share their first bucks. This is how my first roe stalk went. So today I got out after my first ever roe buck and it was absolutely incredible. We didn’t even leave the first field and we saw...
  6. Available: Roe Deer Hunts!

    Hunt a Dream Roe Deer, I have some exclusive top areas in Spain. Airport: Madrid Barajas, 1 hour and 30 min away from hunting area. Daily Rate: 350€, you will need 1 day of arrival, 2 full hunting days with 4 outgoings each day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, 1...
  7. Roe rut

    Obviously long gone now, has anyone else found it a funny year this year? Never seem to really kick off in the south west. Well not the bits I cover anyway. many thanks.
  8. Surrey Roe Buck Bounty

    Out in Surrey this morning. Decent am weather-wise, less of the storms that we saw last weekend. Heavy dew. Arrived at 4.30am at a property that had not been shot for a year. On driving into the property in the half light I saw ?5 deer 🦌 and a 🦊 in the field on the right, boding well. Moved...
  9. X4. Can I have tomorrow off?

    Out in Hampshire today first light. Thunder and lightening. Stayed in vehicle until lightning stopped. Some reaction to calls with odd early sightings, bit of chasing. 1. Shot an adolescent roe buck in the head off sticks at 5.20am at 50 yards in small paddock feeding. Thunder clearing/rain...
  10. A brace of roe bucks

    Hey Out in Surrey this morning, first light. Super-hot, sultry. Arrived at the plot 1 at around 4:30 am and started stalking towards a decent buck in long dry grass. Not coming into the call, but it held him. Off the viper-flex, shot high in the neck, 4.45am and one in the motor. Off to the...
  11. Surrey Stalking Saturday

    Out and about yesterday evening. Damp out there. Arrived at patch at 7:45 pm. Walked through wet fields seeing does feeding. Moved over to far field, located with woods on three of the four sides wind playing silly buggers. Looked over hedge to find buck broadside at 135 yards. But moseying...
  12. Sussex Sunday

    Cracking morning Feeling so alive! Shot at 4.45am. Feet off head off gralloched 43 pounds weight = heavy I am not a trophy hunter but I love that head! What do you think? L.243
  13. Roe Buck.jpg

    Roe Buck.jpg

    Roe buck taken in late Aug. Weighed 40lb dressed.
  14. Buck fever!

    Evening gents , I finally managed to get out after a Roe buck this morning and was fortunate enough to take one. I set the alarm for 3.15 and arrived at my friends farm at 4am. I sat in my motor until it just started to get light . Firstly I mooched s long s dirty track that leads to the open...
  15. 1st Roe Buck

    Set off to my usual Devon/Cornwall border, with outings booked in for Thursday PM, Friday AM/PM and Saturday AM. Surely I’ll get something I thought.. my usual 6.5 is left at home and a shining new Rigby highland stalker in 30.06, paired with fusion 180s takes it’s place. Hopefully it shoots...
  16. IMG-20190719-WA0000.jpg


    Shot last night following doe
  17. IMG-20190719-WA0002.jpg


    Roe buck
  18. 1st Roe trophy

    Evening chaps, I have finally got round to cleaning my first roe buck skull and I must say I’m chuffed to bits with it! It took me until 2am Wednesday morning but I got there In the end!
  19. Input please on roe buck lung

    Good evening, culled young cull buck today. All normal behaviour, neck shot and all inspections external and internal were fine. Seen the usual lung issues before but not this red blood clot / pattern as per photo? Lungs weren’t adhered to chest cavity. Cuts were me checking internals of lungs -...
  20. IMG-20190427-WA0000.jpg