Surrey Stalking Saturday

Out and about yesterday evening. Damp out there. Arrived at patch at 7:45 pm. Walked through wet fields seeing does feeding. Moved over to far field, located with woods on three of the four sides wind playing silly buggers. Looked over hedge to find buck broadside at 135 yards. But moseying along, just gently feeding… waited about five minutes. Bipod down resting off the top of the hedge… shot it in the ❤️. It ran 75 yards then dropped. 8.10pm. Another clean Surrey buck…not a tick to be seen. Healthy animal. Antlers not especially symmetrical. Animal old / going back with pedicles at an angle / falling off to the side. Good one to take out. Rain came in big-time 10 minutes later & wind changed direction = lucky deerstalker.

Moral of the story: you may have bad weather, the wind may be dodgy, all the odds may be stacked against you… but get out there and have fun doing what we love and things happen.

Anecdotally, something we are seeing around here with the deer population growth is roe in field with sheep and horses… something I never used to see. A sign of the times with their population growth we’ve got around Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Anyone else seeing this?

My 25 year old Alan Wood knife here in the snap.

Take care out there. L.


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