1. Sold: 2yr old Anvilstone GWP )German Drahthaar lines)

    2yr old Drahthaar dog (entire) for sale through no fault of his own. Selling on behalf of owner. Change of circumstance forces sale. Bred by me - Anvilstone gundogs Cumbria, from Drahthaar KC reg imported parents. Liether -moor and Bandorfer - forst lines. He is KC registered, chipped, lifetime...
  2. Sold: GWP German Wirehaired Pointer puppies

    German Wirehaired pointer pups, docked, chipped and KC registered. 6 bitches and 4 dogs, all black and white. Will be ready from 10th July. Pups being well socialised with adults, children and other dogs. Dam has an excellent temperament and is a working dog that doesn’t mind being in the house...
  3. Introduction

    New to forum so first intro. I'm keen to learn and understand more on GWP training and overall hunting to gain experience more than anything. Based North East
  4. New pup in training !

    Made the trip to Suffolk last week to collect the new pup (Sansa) who is currently following the BluePrint training method. Looking forward to the journey ahead of us.
  5. GWP Vs GSP ....?

    Hi Guys, Just looking for some thoughts. Beyond the coats, what are the actual (temperament, working aptitude, train-ability etc) differences between German Shothaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers? The context of this question is that my wife has approved either breed for our...
  6. Essential reading for GWP newbie?

    Now Then. I'm about to pick-up a GWP pup and embark on training my first GWP for deer.:shock:! Help! Which book/training guide would you recommend as essential reading? Thanks.