1. dennisgrm

    Sold: GWP (Dixie)

    Anybody interested in my GWP (Dixie) She is a good wee worker. She points and retrieves game but mainly works with me on deer. Vices... If I go shooting she goes daft when I leave her at home alone. I am planning to move home into a town soon so I just want to give her a good chance of finding...
  2. RuralLondoner

    GWP Vs GSP ....?

    Hi Guys, Just looking for some thoughts. Beyond the coats, what are the actual (temperament, working aptitude, train-ability etc) differences between German Shothaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers? The context of this question is that my wife has approved either breed for our...
  3. R

    Essential reading for GWP newbie?

    Now Then. I'm about to pick-up a GWP pup and embark on training my first GWP for deer.:shock:! Help! Which book/training guide would you recommend as essential reading? Thanks.