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  1. Intro

    Hello, My Name is Nick I am 31 years old currently living in the Midlands but often travel most parts of the UK with work. I am looking at getting into deer stalking in the UK. I am British but I lived in most of my life in France where I shot rough game with a shotgun, driven big game (roe...
  2. Introduction

    Hi, I’m a keen shooter from South Yorkshire. I mainly shoot as pest control for a few local farmers at the minute. I’m desperately trying to get into deer stalking but finding it very difficult. I own a .243 and completed my DSC1 recently. I’ve been on a couple of paid stalks and it’s fair to...
  3. Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
  4. Wanted: Roe buck stalking

    Hi new to cambridge/newmarket area, and really want to get stalking, i have not had much experience but looking for someone who is keen to take out a novice. I dont have a deer caliber rifle yet however. Would be keen to pay, but working on a budget, or will help in any other way i can to repay...
  5. Wanted: Help

    Hi all I have a lady looking for some Roe or Fallow stalking over the weekend of the 7/8/9 of August, unfortunately I am busy getting married and do not want to push things that early. Can anybody help please.
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