1. Noob from Liverpool here

    Hi like that title says I'm from Liverpool and looking to apply for a firearms certificate and to apply to my local gun club, I stumbled across this site through google. When I get it I want my first rifle to be a Lee Enfield no.4 Pleased to meet you all
  2. Shooting land permission

    The land that I have permission to shoot over in Cardiff is having development work done so the permission is paused until it’s finished. It’s a cheeky question but is anyone willing to share a permission or know of any place that would allow me to shoot on their land? Only air rifle...
  3. I need some help?!

    Hello, I am trying to find some hep for an unusual request we have. sadly my mother in law passed away last week, she was 85. We used to take her out on drives in hope to see a Deer, she had never seen one. We wondered if there was any chance of having a deer present at the crematorium grounds...
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