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  1. Rifle and Optic Insurance

    I think this is the right section 'equipment care'.Can anyone recommend insurance for rifles/shotguns and optics. Having just changed home insurers it was a frustrating process which became farcical when to cover 1 x Sako Finnlight with a swaro scope and 1 x standard Silver Pigeon required an...
  2. Insurance for a gunsmith

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good broker/underwriter for liability insurance for a gunsmith? Herefordshire based if that makes a difference? All best, Z.
  3. 80 Deer Motor Vehicle Collisions a Day!

    Here's the shocking pictorial headline from the Government of Sweden. But, don't they have a natural head of predating wolves? Yes But the wolves are culled too. By when will it ever get this bad in some areas of the UK?! Cheers, K
  4. Gun and stalking insurance?

    Thought this would be the best place to ask, I need to get all my guns insured both rifle and shotguns, can anyone recommend a good broker, also need to get stalking insurance, I have country side alliance at the moment but don't think they cover too much! ​ Many thanks!
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