1. Insurance Passed the Recrecational

    Hello, I'm extremely lucky have a small 250 acre permission on a dairy farm, came around by offering to deal with the birds in his barns and then bring the rabbits under control in exchange for Deer permissions on the land. The farm borders a golf course and long story short the golf course...
  2. Rifle and Optic Insurance

    I think this is the right section 'equipment care'.Can anyone recommend insurance for rifles/shotguns and optics. Having just changed home insurers it was a frustrating process which became farcical when to cover 1 x Sako Finnlight with a swaro scope and 1 x standard Silver Pigeon required an...
  3. Insurance for a gunsmith

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good broker/underwriter for liability insurance for a gunsmith? Herefordshire based if that makes a difference? All best, Z.
  4. 80 Deer Motor Vehicle Collisions a Day!

    Here's the shocking pictorial headline from the Government of Sweden. But, don't they have a natural head of predating wolves? Yes But the wolves are culled too. By when will it ever get this bad in some areas of the UK?! Cheers, K
  5. Gun and stalking insurance?

    Thought this would be the best place to ask, I need to get all my guns insured both rifle and shotguns, can anyone recommend a good broker, also need to get stalking insurance, I have country side alliance at the moment but don't think they cover too much! ​ Many thanks!