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    Newbie Hello

    Hello, Fairly new FAC holder so be gentle. Recently moved to Shropshire, from south coast, on the English/Welsh border and living on a smallholding with livestock to protect. Lost 12 or so chickens and a gander in last 12 months to Mr Fox. Decided enough is enough. Main reason for shooting is...
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    Hi Stalking Directory

    Hi All, Im an engineer living in the midlands. I have a plan on getting into deer stalking towards the end of this year / start of next. Currently my only experience is target shooting, rabbit shooting with Air rifle and clay shooting with shotguns but i can't think of a better way to enjoy...
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    Hi I am new on here, I have done a lot of red,roe and fallow stalking in South West Scotland. I have just signed up on here as a friend said it was a good bit for advice and opportunities. I am shooting with a 223,243 and 270. Cheers Graeme
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    Introductions - new member in Romsey area

    Hi Everyone I'm very new to stalking, been going out for about a year now, as an observer with an experienced stalking team, booked onto a DCS1 in April have a deposit down on a Tikka t3 hunter stainless 6.5x55 with a fixed power scope? maybe? I am a horticulturalist and work in a large botanic...