BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Hello from the borders

    Hello SD member, long time lurker first time poster. Been stalking for 5 years now and looking to hit up fellow like minder stalkers for knowledge etc. Mainly I take 4 days at the hinds each year in caithness with the odd stag and roe. established member of local Pheasant syndicate and do a...
  2. Introduction

    Hi I am joining this site (having browsed on it for years) to broaden my knowledge of deer management. I have been involved for about 10 years. I manage deer regularly for a friend in the Scottish highlands or closer to home in Hampshire and Surrey. I have two rifles; one I tend to use up north...
  3. Introduction... new to this

    Hello. new to this, so sorry if i ask silly questions, absolutely addicted to scope and rifles, mostly air rifles and whats involved, looking forward to reading all the reviews and comments, thanks
  4. Ferreter from Cov intro

    Hi all, 56 from Cov. Casual Ferreter - weekend warrio haha. Looking for advice on a couple deben ferreting boxes that need fixing thanks all
  5. Hi

    Hi from Wiltshire. I have been shooting 15 years. I currently shoot a .17 HMR for pest control and a .308 for deer. Shoot shotguns too but so far only clays. Interested in getting into long range target shooting following a day spent at SharpshootingUK.
  6. Introduction Post

    Hello everyone, I've been introduced to stalking indirectly through listening to "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast and watching "MeatEater" on Netflix. These guys primarily focus on hunting in the US. They speak so passionately about it that I wanted to try it and stalking is the closest that...
  7. Newbie Hello

    Hello, Fairly new FAC holder so be gentle. Recently moved to Shropshire, from south coast, on the English/Welsh border and living on a smallholding with livestock to protect. Lost 12 or so chickens and a gander in last 12 months to Mr Fox. Decided enough is enough. Main reason for shooting is...
  8. Hi Stalking Directory

    Hi All, Im an engineer living in the midlands. I have a plan on getting into deer stalking towards the end of this year / start of next. Currently my only experience is target shooting, rabbit shooting with Air rifle and clay shooting with shotguns but i can't think of a better way to enjoy...
  9. Hello

    Hi I am new on here, I have done a lot of red,roe and fallow stalking in South West Scotland. I have just signed up on here as a friend said it was a good bit for advice and opportunities. I am shooting with a 223,243 and 270. Cheers Graeme
  10. Introductions - new member in Romsey area

    Hi Everyone I'm very new to stalking, been going out for about a year now, as an observer with an experienced stalking team, booked onto a DCS1 in April have a deposit down on a Tikka t3 hunter stainless 6.5x55 with a fixed power scope? maybe? I am a horticulturalist and work in a large botanic...
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