land permission

  1. J

    Deer stalking offered in Devon

    Hi! Im looking to take on more land as a deer stalker, I Am DSC1 qualified and fully insured. have been rabbiting and target shooting (air rifle since 4 but now shoot 600 meter .308) for many years but just starting out as deer stalker, have a few permits from rabbiting and vermin but deer are...
  2. E

    Land deemed suitable by the chief of police?

    Hi All, I have recently recieved my FAC and been and bought a .22LR and .308. I have permission to shoot on some land and the owner has said I can sight in my .308 there and said that it is cleared for it. I tried to check this with the FAO but they couldn't find the land by name on their...
  3. B

    Forestry Commission Tendering - South East England?

    Sorry if I am repeating a post? Have been looking at some of the available plots of land on offer has anyone, have any experience with the FC in the South East of England? Is the available land generally any good? I know the guys in Scotland don't seem to be singing the praises of their...
  4. drijonesy

    Get land permission from the police (help needed)

    Hello gents and if we're lucky, ladies, Im a newbie to the sport only been shooting real guns for just over a year but had my air rifle for a while now been using it for pest control. i joined a gun club last year (steadhall) and applied for my licence got it through and then got myself a...