1. T

    First Fallow, the one that got away, and first Red Stag (by accident!)

    Very new to stalking, with only a couple of days stalking for Roe before this. I had set a goal this year to cover three species and do some woodland/hill to see the difference and try to learn. So this weekend just gone, was down in Devon, and without much luck on the first evening, I was up at...
  2. GGC96

    Reasonably new to stalking - Devon and Cornwall - Help

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if any of you experienced stalkers in Devon and Cornwall would be willing to take on a reasonably new stalker as an apprentice kind of thing? I don’t have any permissions and the only time I get to go out is with a friend once every couple of months, and he...
  3. S

    Wanted: Break Pine Marten's duck !

    Poor old "Pine Marten". He's new to stalking and is mustard keen to learn the ways of deer management, and how to fill his freezer. Sadly, his first two outings have not yielded venison. You can read his humorous posts elsewhere on SD :D I can't help him bag his first roe until the winter...