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Hi Everyone!

I’m new here! Currently getting back into shooting, but my previous experience has only been shooting air rifles. I haven’t got my FAC but this is something i’m looking to obtain. In terms of the shooting i’d like to do, it’d be target shooting and vermin, foxs, rabbits, deer ect. This would be in time once i’ve got some land with permission to shoot on!

I’ve been looking for a club to join in the South east but not having much luck! They all seem to be .22 only, and ideally i’d like to shoot something with a bigger caliber!

Any help/guidance on what my next steps should be would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone wouldn’t mind me tagging along that’d be awesome!




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Try the London Practical Shooting Club (LPSC). They are a nice bunch and will get you started. Most shootibg is done at Bisley. Membership is very reasonable and there are club rifles to use while you wait for your FAC.


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Welcome to the site. Depending how far you are into East Sussex you could consider the Cinque Ports club. They shoot the Lydd and Hythe ranges. If you need a contact number PM me and I can out you in touch.


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Just sending you a
1066 club depending on where in East Sussex you are


Even if it might be a trek for you to get down to Hastings, not exactly knowing where you are, they are by far the best club here, maybe in the South East.

Everything from air rifle to full-bore on the Lydd and Hythe ranges, sometimes bookings at Bisley, as well as a companionable indoor range open every day for small bore and down-loaded full bore, black powder, historical and heritage stuff etc.

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