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  1. Sold: Anschutz .22 LR 1813 (Super Match) Target Rifle

    A top quality Anschutz Model 1813 'Supermatch' .22LR bolt action target rifle in good condition. 27" very heavy target barrel (excellent bore), front tunnel sight with many multiple Iris inserts, Anschutz rear diopter sight with multiple apeture inserts. Adjustable alloy butt with hook, metal...
  2. For Sale: Rossi .410/.45 Circuit Judge Stainless Revolver rifle £900.00

    As above Private Sale Section 1 firearms - SLOT would be .45/.410 revolver rifle or rifle or revolver carbine but ask your local force. Rifled barrel 5 chambers in the cylinder. chambers can take either 410 colt/long colt or upto 3'' 410 cartridges. Stainless edition with wood stock...
  3. david-tubb-2019-1000yds-irons.jpg


    David Tubb wins the 2019 Remington Cup, shooting this final target at 1,000 yards with his 6mm BX, using iron sights.
  4. New here! East Sussex.

    Hi Everyone! I’m new here! Currently getting back into shooting, but my previous experience has only been shooting air rifles. I haven’t got my FAC but this is something i’m looking to obtain. In terms of the shooting i’d like to do, it’d be target shooting and vermin, foxs, rabbits, deer ect...
  5. For Sale: Phantom Power .22Cf 1/2unf moderators New

    As above. Phantom Power overbarrel moderators Suitable for all .22 centrefires 1/2UNF thread only (Not suitable for wide heavy barrels) Brand new with box £98 each plus rfd to rfd if applicable Personally tried and tested one of these on a customers .22-250rem Howa and they do the job...
  6. Sold: Mossberg "715T" semi-auto .22lr

    As above -6 position adjustable stock - 20 or 25 shot magazine - quadrail forend Rugged semi-automatic rifle for plinking or hunting at a reasonable price. Comes with original manual and trigger lock £200 inc rfd to rfd
  7. For Sale: Target Master Powder Dispenser

    For Sale is my 'Target Master Powder Dispenser' This served me very well whilst i was reloading. It's in very good condition - please see photos and works as it should £85 posted
  8. Introduction - Innovation in shooting field

    Hey guys, my name is Adriena, I would like to ask you for a favour and on your opinion. Honestly, I started work with guys who are developing an electronic target system. It is inteligent, saves time and it is affordable. Its called TrainShot. I am a hobby shooter and I think its amazing. But I...
  9. NEW NIGHTFORCE SHV 3-12 x 56 2nd focal plane 30mm .25 MOA adjustment

    NEW spec new Price £599 10 only great for target and low light .GREAT Value Finally a great scope at a fantastic price .
  10. Scope fault

    Feeling a little stumped with a scope I have. It's a Leupold 24x40 Target scope with an adjustable objective and fine target cross-hair. It is of a reasonable age and was previously fitted to a heavy target rifle. While zeroing the other day I needed to make a small adjustment on windage after...
  11. 6.5x55 reloading

    I have just reloaded some 95 grain v-max in my 6.5x55, and took it down the field today and was very happy with the results... I shot a 4 shot group 0.781" at 130 yards. ( I was very happy as it was my first batch of reloaded ammo...) just need to get out of a night time now and give them a...
  12. First range day for a stalker - please help

    My FAC for all of my rifles was granted for stalking or vermin control with no mention of ranges or target shooting. I had assumed that I couldn't use my 0.308 (or my rimfires) on a range as a result of this but I have recently read the Home Office guidelines to discover that FAC holders can...
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