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  1. G

    Hi everyone

    Afternoon all, I'm relatively new to shooting, from Hampshire, looking to find a DIY syndicate in either Hampshire or West Sussex. Willing and happy to do anything I can to learn and help out! Thanks!
  2. A

    Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
  3. GGC96

    Gary Cooper - introduction

  4. agile

    New here and need help with hooking up :)

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    Newbie in Moray

  6. T

    Petite busty blonde newbie

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    Newest Member

  8. W

    Just say hello to your guys!

  9. Dr.S.Jordan

    Stalking Directory Virgin!

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    Old hand, new to internet.