1. T

    For Sale: Daystate FAC 40ftlb

    Good Morning gentleman, I have for sale my Daystate Air ranger .22 40ftlb , it is a lovely gun but unfortunately it is taking up precious cabinet room and I just don’t use it anymore. It is in near mint condition. I get roughly 50 shots per charge. I am selling it with its scope a MTC...
  2. C

    16 weeks and counting

    I submitted my application for SGC and FAC to police Scotland 16 weeks ago. I have done my medical report and had my interview all checked out. The FEO advised me that he finished the enquiry on the 30th of November so... I called the Edinburgh firearms team today where my application is being...
  3. DJB266

    For Sale: Mossberg New Haven 600AT FAC 12G

    Hi, selling my Mossberg New Haven 600AT pump action shotgun. FAC 5 + 1 so requires section 1 authorisation to acquire. 27.5” barrel, 14” stock/LOP. Fibre optic bead, multi choke, 3” chamber. Used well but in reasonable condition and fully functioning. Small dent to fore end, usual marks on mag...
  4. T

    First time FAC application

    Hi all, am a fairly new member and recently started shooting - at Bisley and have done a couple of days stalking in the South West going after Reds and Roe, just taken Roe so far, greatly enjoying it! Plan to get up to the highlands in August, and shoot some driven boar in Europe in the Autumn...
  5. JMikeyH

    FAC Issue wait time

    Hi all, curious as to maybe I have misunderstood TVP quality target for FAC grants, their target is currently listed as 60 working days and to date I have been waiting 125 working days, excluding one or two for bank holidays (receipt of delivery was given as the 7th of May). This seems highly...
  6. A

    Hi New here, and Hi again......and Cheers....oH and Hello......im no good at this!!

    Hi all, bit-time foxer having a good year, most done in thermal (NO its not Cheating!!) also some deer but not into the work once its dead so don't do much of that.
  7. R

    Expanding ammo, new legislation. Some questions.

    On the BASC website, it says expanding ammo reverts to Sec 1 from May 2nd, 2017. I currently have FAC for target ammo only and was about to go through the prolonged variation process. Does it mean that from 2nd May onwards, people like me (who only have target ammo on FAC) can freely buy...
  8. dmouland

    Wanted: Red/ Fallow/Sika culling Sussex or syndicate place

    Hi there, I am looking for either someone to book with for the end of this year or early next year for some Sika/red/Fallow culling in/nr Sussex? Or a possible syndicate opening (Happy to pay for grounds with good population. I stalk with a good friend who tends to like to follow and watch/help...
  9. E

    Lost FAC?

    I'm generally very impatient when it comes to Royal Mail, so I might be making something out of nothing. I sent my FAC in for a variation on Monday by First Class Signed For (I asked for recorded, but didn't realise until after that it no longer exists). It was posted early on and therefore...
  10. M

    Cabinet in a different house

    Hi All, I'm looking to apply for my FAC very soon and will be installing a cabinet. However, we intend to move house in the next year or so and with this in mind I'd like to install it in my family home down the road. This is my folks house, they're happy with it and would not have access to...
  11. R

    loose bullets quantity on license

    Hi all, Couple of quick questions if I may, I am considering reloading my own ammo soon, and am not sure about a couple of things: Are loose (expanding or otherwise) bullets to be entered on my license, and therefore to account for part of my allowed ammo holding? Or is the quantity only...
  12. Evillemon

    Herts and Beds Firearms Unit --- Any ideas how long for a Variation ?

    Anyone know how long Herts & Beds are turning over Variations at the minute ? sent mine in a week ago and just wondering if im in for a long or short wait ... window shopping for rifles is only fun for a little while!! :) thanks Tim
  13. Dr.S.Jordan

    Stalking Directory Virgin!

    Evening all, Since destroying my knee ligaments several years ago and thereafter not being able to play rugga, I have taken up the equally adrenaline fuelled pursuits of shooting, hunting and fishing with considerable vigour! I have been wildfowling for the last two years and am currently a...
  14. O

    Help wanted - FAC application

    Hello, Just applying for my FAC, and i am a bit stumped on who i can use for a reference. I have never had a solid doctor or dentist, they have always varied so i dont think they will do it because it they have not known me for 2 years. I am planning to use an old school teacher but they are on...
  15. Virbius

    In praise of my area Firearms Department

    Dropped my FAC in by hand on Friday 18th May, returned this morning with requested variations added - 8 business-day turn around. Truly outstanding, efficient and courteous service. Can anyone beat that?
  16. A


    Hi, I require some guidance, on being new to stalking, and trying to obtain my FAC, already hold shotgun cert. Although I put down land was to be acquired by puchasing stalking on various sporting estates, the fire arms officer phoned to say I require written permission from a land owner to...