1. C

    16 weeks and counting

    I submitted my application for SGC and FAC to police Scotland 16 weeks ago. I have done my medical report and had my interview all checked out. The FEO advised me that he finished the enquiry on the 30th of November so... I called the Edinburgh firearms team today where my application is being...
  2. DJB266

    For Sale: Mossberg New Haven 600AT FAC 12G

    Hi, selling my Mossberg New Haven 600AT pump action shotgun. FAC 5 + 1 so requires section 1 authorisation to acquire. 27.5” barrel, 14” stock/LOP. Fibre optic bead, multi choke, 3” chamber. Used well but in reasonable condition and fully functioning. Small dent to fore end, usual marks on...
  3. T

    First time FAC application

    Hi all, am a fairly new member and recently started shooting - at Bisley and have done a couple of days stalking in the South West going after Reds and Roe, just taken Roe so far, greatly enjoying it! Plan to get up to the highlands in August, and shoot some driven boar in Europe in the Autumn...
  4. JMikeyH

    FAC Issue wait time

  5. E

    Lost FAC?

  6. M

    Cabinet in a different house

  7. R

    loose bullets quantity on license

  8. Dr.S.Jordan

    Stalking Directory Virgin!

  9. O

    Help wanted - FAC application

  10. Virbius

    In praise of my area Firearms Department