16 weeks and counting

I submitted my application for SGC and FAC to police Scotland 16 weeks ago. I have done my medical report and had my interview all checked out. The FEO advised me that he finished the enquiry on the 30th of November so...

I called the Edinburgh firearms team today where my application is being processed only to be told that it was with Dalkieth. I then called Dalkieth who advised me it was with a Chief Inspector at the Edinburgh office and the information I had been given was incorrect.

Rather than call the Edinburgh team back I have now sent an email just asking for an update. Does anyone have any experience in emailing them team and if they are punctual in replying?


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You'll not want to here this but when they start doing it's with the inspector/ it on his desk ECT suggests they've got some kind of problem


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Quickest way to get a FAC sorted is to turn up on the doorstep and ask for it. If it's not ready, say you'll wait until it is. It's amazing how the sight of you spreading out your sleeping bag on the floor of the reception area, and breaking open a packet of sandwiches, will get things moving!


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Northamptonshire - all paperwork confirmed for a simple variation ages ago but has been sitting in a tray to be signed by the licensing manager for a month, monopoly organisations give no thought at all to customers, where else can you go its not like you can take your business elsewhere just have to put up with a crap service and then listen to them moaning about how busy they are.

I ring every week and ask for an update only to be told how busy the manager is, now the pheasant season is over Im sure she will be back in the office and doing her job 5 days a week.
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Edinburgh are slow, you will be looking at another couple of months at least I would expect. I was nearly a year for FAC grant and not much less for shotgun. Best thing to do is ask for the name of the officer who is dealing with your application, then email him directly. Its usually firstname.lastname@scotland.pnn.police.uk

You will hear every creative excuse under the sun, but you might find yourself jumping ahead of those who aren't bothering to make contact. Be nice though - its not the fault of the officer dealing with it, but part of a much wider problem :thumb:

Alternatively, move to glasgow and you might be quicker. Have a friend who was granted within 2 months recently!
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