left handed

  1. For Sale: Bergara b14 left handed .308

    Bergara b14 hmr left handed in 308, 24" barrel. I bought the rifle as I wanted to run a 308 for a season, but I don't think the caliber is for me. The rifle it's self is fantastic and easily outshoots any tikka I have owned. I had it cerakoted in burnt bronze. Rifle has done under 500...
  2. Sold: Blaser K95 Stutzen Left Handed

    Must be: Blaser K95 Left handed Stutzen Ideally in 7x57r but would definitely consider other calibres from the Blaser caliber groups ‘ST’ and ‘R’ e.g. .308, 6.5x55SE, 30-06 etc. I know this is a long shot but if you don’t ask you don’t get so I just thought I’d put this out there.
  3. Sold: Blaser R8 L/H Wooden Stock

    I want to raise funds for a thermal so having a bit of a clear out and I haven’t used this for ages - as nice as it is, I tend to always use my Professional Success stock. Left-handed, all metalwork i.e. ready for barrel and bolt housing, fitted with magnetic bipod adapter and sling swivels. A...
  4. Sold: Left handed Franchi Affinity One

    As new Franchi Affinity One. Fired 10 times. Immaculate condition. Purchased in January. Left handed version. “28inc barrel. Chokes. Boxed. Manuals. Pained to sell but I have an eye condition and have to sell. £525.
  5. Left Handed .22WMR?

    I recently purchased a Ruger right handed M77/22 ALL WEATHER .22WMR but have for a few months kept an eye out on Guntrader for a left handed .22WMR. It appears they are non existent!! I did a bit of research online and looks like CZ used to do a left handed in the 452 but because of the...
  6. Left handed Varmint recommendations

    I've always shot RH rifles but as a lefty I want my next one to be a LH. It'll be a foxing rifle in .223. Varmint. Remington 700 is an option. I've heard mixed reviews on them. I'm used to shooting a Howa 1500 varmint so I'm used to a budget rifle and had no complaints with it. I'm on a bit of a...
  7. Newbie Intro

    Hi all, this is my first foray into a forum so please bare with me! I’m an avid game shooter who over the past 5 years have ventured into stalking. I predominately stalk fallow but have also recently had the privilege to stalk reds in scotland. I currently shoot a .243 but am looking to add a...
  8. Wanted: Left Handed .243

    Looking for a left handed tikka t3, ideally a rifle/scope package but will consider just a rifle. Will also consider other makes in LH.
  9. Remmington 700 .243 Left handed stock

    Remington 700 .243 Left handed stock Hi There, after some advice , i recently had a bad drop with my Remington .243 and basically damaged the stock, its not the end of the world but i would like to replace it, just for a standard beech or walnut stock, would also consider synthetic. All the...