Wanted: Left Handed .243

Looking for a left handed tikka t3, ideally a rifle/scope package but will consider just a rifle.

Will also consider other makes in LH.


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There's a guy on here selling a cz lefty .223. Looks a great buy. Sure he'll be along shortly.


Heym SR20

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Sakos, Tikkas, Heym and Sauer all make good left hand rifles. Remmingtons are also solid but need some tweaking - possibly better to spend a bit more. Concentrate on left hand, rather than calibre per se. And don't be talked into buying a right handed rifle - They are just awkward. Ok on the range but in the field off sticks you need the controls on the correct side. And Cz do a good lh 22rf to compliment your centrefire.

The Singing Stalker

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If you buy a blaser you can change the bolt from rh to lh. And if you know the right people it won't cost the earth.
as said don't buy right hand. I did. Then along came a leftie and everything had to be replaced. Much better.