1. For Sale: AI(AICS) .308 10 round magazine and matching floorplate for Tikka T3/T3X

    AI(AICS) .308 10 round magazine and matching floorplate for Tikka T3/T3X, very easy conversion. 150 GBP for a set posted.
  2. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X stainless extended Britannia Picatinny Rail £65

    Private sale Used Britannia Stainless Steel extended rail for Tikka T3 or T3X Cost was £140 Selling for £65 posted
  3. For Sale: Tikka T3 Stainless Super Varmint .204 Ruger KRG Bravo

    I've decided to sell my .204 and go for .243 as a multipurpose rifle instead. I've owned the rifle for around a year and it's shot approximately 400 rounds from new, 300 of which are hand loads. I have full load data, which I can share with the buyer. The rifle specs are as follows: Tikka T3...
  4. Tikka T3x lite barrel diameter

    Hi can anyone tell me the diameter of the barrel of a Tikka T3x lite 308 just behind the 14x1 thread? Many thanks, Chris.
  5. For Sale: Sako/Tikka Optilock and Leupold rings/bases

    1 set of Stainless 30mm rings and bases. The bases are 30mm long and I believe these came off my Sako 75 in .223. £70 1 set of Stainless bases, again 30mm long. £30 1 set of Leupold Sako Rings, 25mm diameter. 30mm height to centre of scope. £50 Cheers, Phil
  6. Tikka T1x

    I want to get a tikka T1x but I’d like a thumbole stock for it. Does anyone know where I can get ahold of one ?
  7. For Sale: Tikka 30.06 M690 Continental

    Excellent condition with a very few rounds. Reload data available for 150g Ballistic Tip and 200g Partitions. The 150's produce close to 0.5 moa whilst the 200 are still within 1 moa. Rifle is original, 3 shot detachable magazine, heavy barrel, no modifications. 30mm Optilocks included that...
  8. For Sale: Tikka M590 .243 Win Continental

    Very good condition with a very nice stock. I have only reloaded with easy going rounds, data available for 70g Ballistic Tip, 95g Ballistic Tip and 100g Partitions. I have not checked for a number of years but it will still easily be sub moa with these rounds. Rifle is original, 5 shot...
  9. DSC1 at Ardnamurchan 8th-10th February 2019

    Hello everyone, My name is Steve and I'm new to the forum here but not necessarily new to deer stalking. Just a quick question and some information to anyone around Scotland who are looking to do their DSC1. I have pre booked a course with Jelen (Premier Wildlife Services) but have found out...
  10. Wanted: Tikka T3 5rd magazine 22-250

    Has anyone got a 5 round magazine kicking around for a T3 in 22-250 they would be willing to sell? TIA Pasky
  11. For Sale: Tikka t3 25mm warne scope mounts with stop pin

    As above, changed set up to rail now so these are no longer required. very good condition. 25mm tube diameter, High (rated to 50-56mm objective i believe although i only used with 50mm objective lens) £50 inc postage ono. Many thanks
  12. Filling Tikka T3X Stock

    I have a Tikka t3x Varmint in 308, the butt end of the stock is filled with a factory supplied foam insert, but it still feels light and hollow. I was thinking of removing the factory supplied foam insert and replacing it with something heavier / more dense. Has anyone else done this? Any...
  13. German Gun Stock Ranger

    I've had a few people ask me about my GGS Ranger stock recently and a few PMs asking for more details, so I thought I'd post a bit of a write up now that I've had it for some time. It's not a stalking rig, but it gets used most nights during predator control and also a sees a fair amount of...
  14. For Sale: Bullets, brass, rifle stock, rail, Tikka, PPU, Hornady, Woodleigh, cz

    Various bits for sale, prices include postage: Mainly new but also some once fired .303British PPU brass. Around 100. £28 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 174gr RN Hornady Soft point bullets. £35 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 215gr Woodleigh Weldcore bullets £48 (hard to find) Around...
  15. Wanted: Tikka T3/T3X 10 shot magazine metal

    Hi all, Ideally looking for a 10 shot metal magazine for a 243 Tikka T3X, one that doesn't need a chassis type and can fit any Tikka T3/T3X model. Riflemags website are out of stock and i'm not all that keen on the plastic bodied angled shaped ones by lucky13..looking for straight shaped...
  16. Sold: Tikka T3 10 Rounds Aluminium Magazine .223

    Tikka T3 10 round aluminium magazine in for .223 for sale. Not only does this mag solve the issue of feed lip wear on the standard T3 mag, the extra space allows for much longer OAL to get the most out of heavier bullets. Approx 50 rounds fed from it, but a switch to an AI compatible stock...
  17. 22lr

    Hello all. Looking to get a 22lr Stuck between a cz 452 and the Tikka t1x. I really like the look of the tikka, how does it compare to the cz? I was thinking of putting a t3x thumbhole on the T1x! What would you say is better? Cant find much info on the Tikka as its fairly new! Cheers.
  18. For Sale: clear out

    brass rimfire cleaning rods, comes with mop, copper and nylon brush. £13 ono turkey taker shotgun sight set. Sold .223 tikka t3 mag holds 5 or 6. £42 ono .308 10 round aw mag. £58 ono old school 10 round ai mag. could be a aw. rough condition. £26 ono lee .38/.357 dies comes with mixed...
  19. Advice sought: new stock for a Tikka M65

    Hello, Just looking for some advice please. I have a gorgeous a gorgeous Tikka M65 in .308 (think it is the continental model with heavier barrel and fancier woodwork). It is in excellent nick and has a lovely action. However, I find it tough to shoot. Having pondered why for some time I...
  20. For Sale: Factory Tikka T3 black synthetic stock off 243 Varmint for sale

    Hello I am selling the standard factory black synthetic stock off my Tikka T3 Varmint, which was a 243 with the varmint heavy s/s barrel. Please see photos. The stock DOES NOT have the screw on cheek piece and NO trigger guard. It does include larger varmint fore-end, recoil block for...