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  1. Tikka T3/T3x Bolt Stop Pin Problem, and solution

    Hi there, As quite a few on here own and use a Tikka T3 I thought I would share a problem I encountered and a field expedient solution. I will add that all this happened before the lockdown. Out on range doing load development for some new ammo and zeroing before stalking. Last round fired...
  2. Sold: Tikka T3 Supervarmint stock

    Good condition supervarmint stock for Tikka T3. All works as it should. £100 Inc p&p
  3. Sold: Tikka T3 Boyds sporter profile

    Boyds grey laminate stock for Tikka T3 in sporter profile. In excellent condition. Includes plastic trigger guard £130 including p&p
  4. Sold: Tikka T3/T3x Varmint bolt handle/knob Right handed *cheap!*

    As per title, original tikka bolt handle that comes on the varmint and CTR models for sale. Will fit any right handed Tikka T3/T3x model but not the T1x. Was cerakoted Nato green at one point but some has worn off. £15 UK posted.
  5. Sold: Original Tikka T3 Picatinny Mount, green cerakote, going cheap (£10!) due to slight fault

    Hi all, As per title I have a original Tikka T3x Picatinny rail that came off a CTR for sale. Was Cerakoted green by original owner, replaced by me as I wanted a 20MOA rail. Slight fault comes from a small lift near the mirage band screw, as pictured. This is a known problem for Tikka rails...
  6. Sold: PSE hunter stock - Tikka T3/T3X

    Hi all, Looking to sell my PSE Tikka T3 Hunter stock. It has been skim bedded by a very good riflesmith. You should be able to view pictures of the stock with this link: PSE stock pictures There are a few scrapes in the cerakote, however it is in immaculate condition otherwise, let me know if...
  7. Sold: Tikka T3 Magazine (308, 243, 22-250 etc)

    5 shot tikka t3 magazine. 308 or derivative calibres (243, 22-250 etc) Good condition £35 posted. Advertised elsewhere
  8. Filling Tikka T3X Stock

    I have a Tikka t3x Varmint in 308, the butt end of the stock is filled with a factory supplied foam insert, but it still feels light and hollow. I was thinking of removing the factory supplied foam insert and replacing it with something heavier / more dense. Has anyone else done this? Any...
  9. Wanted: GRS berserk stock tikka t3

    Hi I am after a couple of these if anyone has some for sale? Kind regards Ash
  10. T3

    does anyone know what finish up s on a tikka t3 Hunter stock and best way to treat it
  11. My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock.

    My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock. I’m 6ft 2” and so most “long-arms” don’t fit off the peg as it were. I have Tikka T3 in 308 with S&B 8X56 and an over barrel Wildcat Mod which actually means it’s short in the stock even with the factory spacers and very front heavy! I know about...
  12. GRS Berserk Stock for Tikka T3 Hunter

    Hi all, Does any one on here have a GRS Berserk stock fitted to a Tikka T3 Hunter (factory barrel)? If so could you post a picture of the spacing around the barrel and forend. I am looking at buying a GRS Berserk stock for my Tikka T3 Hunter in 6.5x55 and was wondering what the spacing...
  13. Wanted: Left Handed .243

    Looking for a left handed tikka t3, ideally a rifle/scope package but will consider just a rifle. Will also consider other makes in LH.
  14. Leupold vx -3L 4.5 -14x50 some stupid questions please help!!!!

    Hi guys Some stupid questions regarding these scopes, firstly I'm new to stalking and have yet to purchase my first rifle. I'm looking at a tikka T3 6.5x55 and I'm really keen on this style of scope as all of the estate rifles I've borrow I've found that I'm stretching to look down the scope in...
  15. New .308 time! Sako or Tikka?

    I have been stalking for about a year now and i'm itching to upgrade my rifle to something better/lighter/shorter for woodland stalking. I'm happy with my scope (Swaro fixed 8x50) for the moment and reckon i've got about £1000 for a rifle and mod once i've sold or p/x my current rifle and mod...
  16. Evening my intro.

    Hi, Im Steve, recently just finished a full career in the Army and started deer stalking 2 years ago. I'm fortunate to be good friends with Tony from South Ayrshire Deer Stalking. I have used his 308 Tikka T3 lite and I am more than comfortable with this rifle. I have already shot red, fallow...
  17. t3 stock

    Any one got a t3 with the walnut stock and if so do you use anything on the stock to protect it oils ect
  18. 6.5x55 reloading

    I have just reloaded some 95 grain v-max in my 6.5x55, and took it down the field today and was very happy with the results... I shot a 4 shot group 0.781" at 130 yards. ( I was very happy as it was my first batch of reloaded ammo...) just need to get out of a night time now and give them a...
  19. varmint loads for 6.5x55

    i have just brought some h414 and while i was there saw some 95grain v-max cheep ish so got them too... and was just wondering what would be the best amount of powder as i cant find any where about the 95 grain for 6.5x55 i have federal, Winchester, and Norma brass i can use and cci primers. any...
  20. help!

    hello there, i got offered loads of lee reloading gear for the 6.5x55 ; bench, press, dies, auto prime, powder measure, safety scales cases, 120 bt bullets, primers, case length tool, primer pocket thing, lube pad lube, for £150 so i thort i cant go wrong, so brought it. but how easy it is...
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