1. Selling / buying

    I have a .243 rifle if I wish to sell the rifle and replace it with another .243 how do I go about doing it just apply for a variation I am guessing ?
  2. South Yorkshire Firearms Licensing

    Hi All, After reading a post that I have been completely unable to re-find praising the efficiency of South Yorkshire police, I thought I would continue the 'credit where credit's due' attitude and add to it... but having been unable to find that post I have created a new thread! Submitted a...
  3. Merseyside Police

    I recently got my first firearms certificate from Merseyside police. It is for a 6.5 x 55 and I applid for deer and vermin. When the officer came to see me he said I could not have vermin with such a large calibre as the bullet would "go strait through it". I asked about just having foxes then...