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    NEW SCHMIDT & BENDER KLASSIK 4-16X50 VARMINT ASV H £995.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/schmidt-and-bender-klassik-4-16x50-varmint-asv-h-000163/
  2. Tikka T3x Tac A1

    Morning all, I have the opportunity to purchase a Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor at a good price. What are peoples thought on the rifles themselves? I have had the opportunity to look at one but not shoot one. The price is good that I could buy it and rebarrel it for cheaper then a brand new...
  3. Sold: Schmidt and bender Stratos 2.5 - 13 x 56

    Schmidt and Bender Stratos 2.5 - 13 x 56 IR 30mm tube £900 inc insured and tracked courier. Very good condition and an excellent piece of glass First focal plane IR needs new battery but is adjustable in size and brightness. If you buy the "choose your light" USB package, you can refine...
  4. Sold: Leupold Benchrest 24x40 Target Scope

    Price drop from £250 to £200 delivered. Selling my target scope as I'm not using it anymore or swap for some bins. Bought it to test loads out at range and fine out exactly what my bullets were doing in comparison to what the tables said would happen. Not doing that kind of shooting anymore so...
  5. Scope ideas - under £1k

    Does anyone have any good ideas for a scope with the following attributes: 30mm or 1" tube 48mm - 56mm objective Minimum zoom power no higher than 4x Maximum zoom power no lower than 14x Dialable turrets which aren't two inches long No ASV or BDC only options - MOA or MilRad only Simple...
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