moderator silencer

  1. For Sale: Near new Stalon x108 moderator | up to .30 cal | m14x1 thread

    As per title - has had 24 rounds through it, barely 6 months old. Nothing wrong with it, I have just changed rifle. Pick up near Fordingbridge Hampshire £280
  2. Moderator

    New shooter here (shot many years ago just getting back into it) So my license has passed and I’ve been shooing around for gear. Moderators is somthing I’ve never even thought about. All the rifles I’ve ever shot are handed to me with the gear in place etc….so much info it’s overwhelming. I’m...
  3. What Mod? .223

    Looking at getting a .223 for foxing. probably going for a tika for a remmy but not over clued up about what mod to get. Got an ATEC on my .270, as far as my knowledge goes Looking for the obvious, quiet and lightweight but not breaking the bank. Heard the wildcats were good. Any...
  4. Hausken Thread Adapter

    Hi All, I have a Hausken SK156 moderator. The default thread on the moderator is M14X1, I therefore have to use one of the Hausken thread adapters so it fits my rifle. I'm about to sell the rifle, but want to keep the moderator, but I can't get the thread adapter out of the moderator.... Any...
  5. Moderator recommendations for Tikka T3X

    Hi All. Any recommendations for a moderator for a Tikka T3X Varmint in .223? It's a 1/18 thread. Foxing rifle. Thanks.
  6. CZ 455 Varmint .22

    Anyone have any comments on CZ 455 Varmint in .22LR? Not thumbhole version. Thinking of purchasing for rabbit shooting. Recommendations for a suitable moderator and barrel length suggestions appreciated.
  7. ATEC CMM-4 ALU Moderator 30 Cal

    ATEC CMM-4 aluminium lightweight moderator for sale .30 calibre (off my Sako A7 in 308, also for sale, see other post) M14 x 1 threaded Great performing and lightweight mod (buying another with different thread for other rifle) Owned from new and boxed, see all photos £150 ONO via private...
  8. Moderators

    Should an application for a firearm, variation, or new rifle purchase automatically include by default permission to own/purchase a moderator without the necessity of another application to your local constabulary?