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  1. Starting Out

    Hi, I'm based in Norfolk and am completely new to hunting in general. I'm particularly interested in deer stalking. I've been learning all I can and I am now looking to get some experience under my belt as soon as I can. I've been looking at the DSC1 and DSC2 courses and I'll for sure be looking...
  2. Not so new new guy

    Hi, I've been reading stuff on here for a while but never joined up until now. I shoot rifles, air rifles, shotguns, reload both shotgun and rifle ammunition, do a small amount of pest control with air rifles and enjoy basic gunsmithing and restoration work. Thanks Mr 8
  3. Glad to be here

    Greeting from Columbia TN USA. I am a late starter, shooting white tail deer and paper after getting children out of college and wife placated. I was attracted to this forum after finding an interesting post about a Zeiss Daital scope. I shoot American calibers (30-06, .308, .270, various .22s...
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