pse rifle stocks

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  1. Introduction

    Hi all, I've been visiting the site on and off for some years now and suddenly wondered why I hadn't joined - so I have. I live and work in rural Hertfordshire, and spend most of my shooting time on one range or another. I've been shooting since I was taught as a Cadet many years ago. Currently...
  2. Black Friday Sale - PSE Rifle Stocks

    Good evening folks, Just though it would be unfair not to mention it here.. PSE Rifle Stocks have a 10% OFF Sale for this weekend only. The offer is 10% OFF any stock when ordered through our website or by email from Thurs 26th Nov until Mon 30th November 2020. We currently have hand-made...
  3. New: PSE E-Lite Carbon Stock for Rem 700 SA

    Afternoon folks, The PSE E-Lite stock is now available to order for Remington 700 Short Action and clones. The first stocks are out of the mold this week and production has started for stocks on pre-order. PSE E-Lite RSA Stock Features: Hand-made in aerospace quality carbon fibre; ICS...
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