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Afternoon folks,

The PSE E-Lite stock is now available to order for Remington 700 Short Action and clones.

The first stocks are out of the mold this week and production has started for stocks on pre-order.

PSE E-Lite RSA Stock Features:

  • Hand-made in aerospace quality carbon fibre;
  • ICS Technology - Integrated Carbon Skeleton - unique rifle stock manufacturing technology used only by PSE Composites yielding a superb strength to weight ratio. Integral carbon fibre I-beam construction along the complete length which results in a stock that is ultra-stiff on both a lateral and torsional axis ;
  • Integrated Carbon Fibre Pillars;
  • Stippling / Grip front and rear to securely hold the stock in all conditions;
  • Ambidextrous long pistol grip with a slight palm swell;
  • Options to fit swivel studs / flush cups / spigot / Javelin bi-pod adapters, Pica Rails etc;
  • Barrels up to Sendero profile will fit comfortably;
  • Inlet available for left-hand actions upon request;
  • Light weight Length of Pull Spacer System;
  • SHQR - Single Hand Quick Release Cheek Height Adjustment (spring loaded);
  • Inlet for the Atlasworxs R700 SA AI Bottom Metal to take AI-type mags. (Standard BDL drop plate inlet available upon request); and
  • Weight: Starting at 850 grams / 30 oz.

Photos below:
  • PSE E-Lite RSA;
  • Rem 700 in 6.5CM;
  • Hardy Carbon Barrel;
  • Hausken Mod;
  • S&B PMII 3-20 x 50 Ultra Short; and
  • Spuhr one piece hunting mounts & Spuhr Picatinny rail.
Feel free to check out the new stock now on the PSE website or contact us if you have any questions!




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Incredible stocks. Both my 6.5 and 308 now sport PSE stocks.

One ETAC and one Elite.

The E-lite skim bedded with a factory CTR shoots incredibly well easily sub MOA.

Th 6.5 had a little bit more work to fully bed the action. And shoots under half MOA if I do my part.

Anyone buying a PSE for a drop in fit won’t be disappointed.


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