pulsar helion

  1. Sold: Pulsar Helion XQ38F

    In a rash moment I may regret I'm upgrading my thermal so its time for my Pulsar Helion XQ38F (77394) to go. I bought this second-hand but I have the original paperwork confirming its original supply as 21st October, 2019. These have a 3-year warranty so by my reckoning, it has 17 months...
  2. Pulsar Helion XP38

    Hi everyone, I'm seriously considering a venture into the world of thermal spotters. The pulsar helion xp38 keeps on coming up. This is the old model and is considerably cheaper than the helion 2 (both compared new). Is there any reason I should stretch my budget and go for the helion 2? I...
  3. Sold: Pulsar IPS 10 Battery packs

    Good evening All, I have 2 BNIB Pulsar IPS 10 Batteries for sale. These will fit all Helion series Thermals, Digisight Rifle scopes or Accolade Thermal binoculars. 2 for £140 or 1 for £70 Please get in touch if interested One SOLD so two remaining!!!