quad sticks

  1. Sold: Seeland Quad Shooting Sticks

    x1 set of Seeland quad sticks in good condition, no problems. They have been taped up and I may have to remove the tape in order to get them down in size for postage. £60 posted or £50 if you can collect them. Located in NE48 near the borders. Thanks
  2. Sold: Viper-Flex Styx Elite Quad Sticks & 5th Leg

    Reluctantly selling in order to raise funds for new kit 🤷🏼‍♂️ Awesome bit of kit and with the 5th leg deployed it’s a rock solid shooting position. I’m keeping my Blaser sticks over these, but only because they’re carbon. I’ve thought long and hard and will probably regret it but it’s time 🥲...
  3. Sold: Mjoelner Fenris Mk1 Quad Shooting Sticks - £70

    Time for a clearout of shooting sticks! I hung on to my set of black Mjoelner Fenris aluminium sticks after I bought a set of Fenris II Carbon sticks but they are simply not being used! I'm 6'4" and with the bottom legs extended, found no difficulty with their height - actually same sort of...
  4. Shooting Sticks Cornwall

    Bit of a long shot but is there by any chance anybody in the Cornwall area on here with a set of Jakele Z4 sticks? I’d really like to see a set before commuting to purchase them; I’ve not seen one bad review but nothing compares to actually feeling a set! Cheers
  5. Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks

    Hi all, I'm looking to make my own shooting sticks at some point and play around with some carbon fibre tubing. I've managed to source most of the components I need but am struggling to find anywhere that stocks the ground spikes for the ends of the poles. Does anyone know where to get them or...
  6. Quad Sticks: Viper-Flex STYX, Seeland and Primos Trigger

    Hi All, Not so much a product placement but just in case anyone is looking at Quad sticks, I've just gone through the following. As I'm sure all you guys are aware the DSC 1 requires a shooting assessment and after trying to get some practice in the sitting position...I quickly realised that...
  7. Viper-Flex Quad Sticks

    Hardly used, non 'Go Lo' model, 2 months old £130 posted