rabbit hunting

  1. Wanted: Rabbiting around South Yorkshire

    5 years after obtaining my FAC and still no luck! Anyone have access to land for the occasional rabbit shoot around Sheffield or South Yorkshire?
  2. My first night vision outing.

  3. Wanted: Rabbit shooting bristol help needed

    Hey guys. Im im willing to go rabbit shooting with someone just to help and gain some expirence before I move on to bigger things, I'll be willing to help with other things too, to gain expirence, like hunting foxes, birds, etc. I am currently using a .22 but also thinking about buying a new...
  4. Wanted: Ranbit hunting opportunity /pest control

    Hi there, I am looking for an opportunity in south part of UK for a rabbit hunting ground, I am a BASC member and an experienced smal game hunter, and we own a farm our self. If I get a permision on your ground you can be sure the job is cleanly done. I do my job with a silenced .22 FAC airgun...