1. Sold: RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure plus Funnel

    I have a new, unused RCBS UNIFLOW Powder Measure and an RCBS Powder Funnel (.22-.50 cal) for sale as a set. £100 inc P&P
  2. For Sale: Various dies

    Private sale Various dies for sale - prices include postage - 1 x used .223 seating die, 1 x used .222 sizing die and 1 x new .222 quick trim die: £20 the lot - 1 x .30-06 rcbs seating die, 1 x .30-06 rcbs full length seating die, 1 x lee seating die .30-06, 1 x lee resizing die with missing...
  3. Sold: RCBS 22-250 die set

    Excellent condition. Decapping / FL resizer and bullet seating dies. £30 inc delivery UK mainland.
  4. For Sale: RCBS Range Master 2000 Electric Powder Scale (220v)

    Withdrawn from sale RCBS Range Master 2000 Electric Powder Scale (220v) • 2,000-grain capacity • +/-0.1 grain accuracy • Backlit LCD display • Touchscreen operation • 9-volt DC or 120/240 VAC four-country power supply • Two 50-gram calibration/check weights • Ambidextrous metal scale pan •...
  5. Sold: Reloading bits

    Having a clear out of unwanted/unused reloading items: RCBS M500 Mechanical scale NEW. £75 RCBS Advanced Powder Measure Stand NEW. £20 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure NEW £85 Lee Improved Powder Measure Kit. NEW £8 All items plus Postage. Can collect Chepstow or meet from Bristol M4 to Oxford.
  6. Sold: RCBS Universal Hand Primer

    After breaking 2 Lee hand primers I bought this and it really is superb. Comes with pins to seat both large and small primers. Details here Buy Rcbs Rcbs Universal Hand Priming Tool Online. Only £70.00 - The Sportsman Gun Centre | SGC Only selling as no longer reloading. £40 posted
  7. Sold: RCBS M500 Mechanical Scales

    These gotta go so... BNIB set of scales. RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale Surplus to requirements £65 posted.
  8. Sold: RCBS Charegemaster Combo

    All boxed and works perfectly, selling as I no longer get much chance to shoot fullbore Pics to follow. £300 Posted RMSD. Cheers, Phil
  9. Problem with RCBS Press

    Hey guys, Just picked up a new RCBS Press from Sportsman in Newport, brought it home and set it up on my work bench but have trouble with getting the shell holder into the slot on the ram! Any ideas? I have both a RCBS shell holder and a Lee universal holder and neither will fit!
  10. RCBS Chargemaster Combo - Help Please!

    So, my brand new very expensive machine has arrived from the states. I have been looking forward to using it all week. Sat down this morning to load up some rounds andI have a problem I can not work out how to fix. I have spent the last 4 hours trawling the web and watching every you tube clip...
  11. I've only gone and done it!

    Just splashed out on an RCBS Charge Master Combo from the states. Its Pay day!! At best I will save £130 rather than buying it from a UK stockist. At worst £60! I figured 300 odd rounds and the machine has paid itself off. Just wanted to gloat! Sorry :D
  12. Overview of the Reloading Process - From Spent Case to Loaded Round

    This is intended as an overview of the reloading process explaining the steps required to turn spent brass cases into new loaded rounds. It is aimed at those people who are unfamiliar with the reloading process but if any old hands want to chip in with alternative suggestions then please do - I...