Leica Amplus 6
  1. Wanted: Bergara B14 / Remington 700 Aftermarket Trigger

    Hi all, Looking for a Trigger tech, Timney or similar unit to fit B14 HMR Aiming for weight of pull on my hunting rifle of 1.5-2lbs ideally. Please DM with details 😉👍
  2. Raytrade UK

    Good morning all, Joining SD to see what current topics are in the UK deer stalking scene, and also to advertise products we import and distribute. BR
  3. Remington Model 725 triple deuce

    Evening all, I inherited a Remington Model 725 in 222 from my grandfather some years ago. He was given it by his crew when his posting ended on an HMS and, I believe, it was a little customised. He has used it all around the world and I have some exotic antlers from his exploits. I have not had...
  4. Could the 6.8mm Rem SPC be a Second Coming for the .270 Winchester?

    This cartridge (6.8mm Rem SPC) was supposed to be the hot new thing a few years ago, with rumours of US Military wide adoption to replace the 5.56 NATO (meaning all of NATO would have to follow). From my research, it seems that things fizzled out due to trouble at Remington and certain US...
  5. Sold: .243 Remington R-P Brass

    181 x once fired Remington R-P cartridge cases. £55 posted
  6. Sold: Bell and carlson stock

    Stock for rem 700 short action. It has some scuffs and scratches. It has been bedded. Looking for £140 posted
  7. For Sale: Remington 700 SA McMillan A4 Stock & Atlasworx Bottom Metal

    I recently bought this for a project, but I don't have time to complete it. Comes with Atlasworx bottom metal. Very solid stock, adjustable length of pull and cheek riser. Original moulded OD Green colour £620 Post Will consider part exchange for a GRS sporter in black
  8. Sold: Remington 1100 12g 2+1 Semi Cerakoted

    Advertising for a mate , He is looking to sell his Remington 1100 30" barrel 12g 2+1 works well pretty tidy gun Cerakoted in graphite black looking for £250.00 can ship to RFD at cost also can be test fired so F2F is also fine. Please PM me
  9. For Sale: Now selling Remington and Marlin rifles

    Another really exciting announcement here: we're now able to offer almost the full range of Marlin and Remington rifles and accessories. Also Remington and Barnes reloading components and ammo and Harrington & Richardson shotguns. So much stuff available, it would take till New Year to put it...
  10. Remington 700 bdl

    hello there, I have just be given a Remington 700 bdl heavy barrel in 222 , and was just wondering could i get it screw cut for a can and get a comp crown cut and also get the barrel fluted to make it lighter? and if so how much would it cost roughly? any help would be grateful and also if any...
  11. Wanted - Trigger for Remington 700

    Still looking for a trigger for my rifle if anyone has a rifle basix , jewell or timney trigger for sale would be keen to hear from you.
  12. Bolt Handle Failure during live fire - Remi 700 XCR

    Hi all, I pulled the trigger (zeroing, not at quarry) on Sunday and had a shocker; the bolt handle on my rifle pinged off under recoil and flew past my head! The weld totally failed! Luckily, the sharp edges didn't connect. After my legs stopped wobbling I was really annoyed by this poor...
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