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    Available: Deer Stalking Syndicate available £750 a year.

    Deer and Rough Shooting & Stalking Syndicate Deer stalking syndicate has been running very smothly for a year now and we have added Devon ,Hertfordshire and Wiltshire areas.17000 acres . We are looking for 4-6 Stalkers new members who want value for money stalking . year one £750 year 2 £700...
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    Available: Nr Monmouth

    Two full gun places still available in walk/stand self-keepered shoot near Monmouth. 1200 birds to wood. 50 bird day average. We are a friendly, convivial membership where safe enjoyment of your sport is a priority. Two members from this forum have joined in the last fortnight - welcome - but...
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    Message From Dorset

    Hi, I live in Dorset near Blandford Forum and have many years shooting experience,Everything from rough shooting to deer stalking and wild boar,I am currently looking to join a friendly syndicate. Regards Chris
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    Available: Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Soot with 15 Miles of Inverness

    Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Shoot with 15 Miles of Inverness Wee walked up shoot is looking for new members to join us for the 2015/2016 Season. We are within 5 miles of Inverness and shoot on approx. 1000 acres of mixed terrain with very varied shooting! Looking for members...
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    South Yorkshire based new member

    Hello, My name is Andrew based in Sheffield. I am a keen shooter, and I have a Maxus Browning shotgun. Most of my shooting is clay/rough shooting and I spent a lot of time clearing farms and stables when I lived up north. Since moving down here I am looking to meet shooters from the area...