New Avon Arms


Two full gun places still available in walk/stand self-keepered shoot near Monmouth.

1200 birds to wood. 50 bird day average.

We are a friendly, convivial membership where safe enjoyment of your sport is a priority.

Two members from this forum have joined in the last fortnight - welcome - but we still have space for two more.

Full guns only - no half-gun applications of shares, please.

Working commitment to work parties (not very many) and feed/keepering duties is

Shoot also has evening duck flights and has just this year taken on another large tract of land that may produce some decent stalking and rough shooting.

Subs currently £875 to include BASC membership per season.

PM for details.


Many thanks for the interest. I was about to say that all available places were filled but one of our full members has just opted to switch to being a half-gun. So, we have one full place left as of May 4th.
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