1. S


    Reloading a .308Win with 150g Hornady Interlock ST and Hodgdon Varget. The hornady manual states 35.9g to 44.9g of varget powder. The Hodgdon datasheet for a 150g BT bullet 44.0g to 47g. while the Interlock bullet is not a BT I am surprised at the weight of powder difference. This is not the...
  2. A

    Chainsaw courses

    Recently moved house to a property with a little bit of land containing plenty of small trees of various hardwoods; the house already has a log burner, actually multi-fuel I think. Some of the timber needs to be cleared and it would make a lot of sense to use it in said stove! Getting a chain...
  3. A

    Available: SD Offer: 11Jan14 First Aid Course, Nr Lincoln, Ticket to satisfy FC

    Something that has been drawing my attention a lot recently, is the FC wrapping everything in red tape. First Aid courses can be expensive, and sometimes, people are daunted by being qualified as they feel that they are somehow legally bound to help as soon as they are qualified. Not to worry...
  4. Evillemon

    Whats safest, muzzle up or down ?

    I have always been taught that it is safest to carry a rifle muzzle down, behind / my right shoulder with the muzzle pointing just slightly in front me towards the ground. It have been doing this for years and always felt it was fine. However the other weekend i went on a booked weekend of...
  5. A

    Who are Unique Alpine importers (2013)?

    I understand that York Guns no longer support UA. Can you tell me who is the current importer? I have a Safety issue that may be design or possibly trigger adjustment matter. Either way it needs sorting, particularly so if it is design as the issue would then not be specific to my rifle. I'll...
  6. J

    Night Vision

    i have been reading the draft guidance to marksman in the proposed badger cull. i am not wanting to ignite a debate on the rights and wrongs of the cull, and would like some opinions regarding the use of Night Vision Scopes. The following paragraph is taken from the document: Image...