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  1. Evert

    Available: South Africa -Free State - Hunting Packages

    Good Day All Here is a few hunting Packages available for the rest of 2019 and 2020. We are situated in the Free State Province of South Africa only 2 Hours Drive from Johannesburg Airport and offer a wide range of Hunting-Shooting Packages. The lodge can accommodate up to 16 People (8 Rooms...
  2. Evert

    UK Forum Guys in South Africa

    Good Day All So last year I posted on the Forum about a Mixed bag Hunting Package in Free State Province of South Africa. Mike Hamer - a Keeper and Forum Member replied and said they are interested in doing the package. So the plan was for March 2019. So they were 3 guys and shot 12 animals...
  3. Paul Baleta

    Available: Bushmaster Safaris

    Hunting in the South African bush... Authentic - Join us for a true bushveld hunting experience. Personal - Family-run and hands-on from your enquiry through your safari experience to your return home. Unforgettable - Comfortable accommodation, excellent food, beautiful scenes, magnificent...

    Available: Cull Trip Springbok 50+ £40 each wildebeest cow 15 £100 each day fee £90

    2 - 4 wanted for a cull trip . 50 + springbok and 15 wildebeest have to go before end Sept . Costs £40 a springbok cheaper than some pheasant shoots £100 a wilderbeest . Day costs vehicle guide skinners and trackers £180 between 2 guns . extra guns £90 .Fly to Cape Town can be via Joburg. Great...

    Available: Trophy kudu hunting in fantastic area eastern cape south africa A GREAT OPERTUNITY TO HUNT KUDU IN THIS FANTASTIC HUNTING AREA OF THE KEI VALLEY WITH RANCE SAFARIS Kudu Hunt in the Kei River Reserve Rance Safaris East...

    Available: Springbok and Zebra 50 Of each must be culled Cape Town June 25th

    50 Springbok £20 each must be culled this June 25th and 50 Zebra as well . £100 a day costs vehicle and trackers skinners guide. It does not get cheaper than this guys . Cape Town area Pm me if your free . Please allow for response as out shooting other areas in SA
  7. MikeZZZ

    Is anyone aware of current difficulties taking moderators to South Africa?

    I've just heard from a fellow hunter going to South Africa in May that he has been told that hunters currently arriving at J-berg airport with a moderator on their rifle are experiencing difficulties getting approval to take them through customs (April 2018). I've seen and heard nothing on this...

    Available: Sable available Rowland ward i have seen 7 in area not hunted for 15 years

    Sable available 4 hours north Joburg area not hunted for 15 years Proper 5 star hunting lodge superb location .Rowland ward animals available seen 7 .in 3 days . $7500 special deal for this year . also Warthog weekends coming soon
  9. W

    Flying with firearms - Charges

    As I was booking my trip to S.Africa with Bos en Dal Safaris, (Great time, Thanks), I chose to use British Airways to avoid any problems with my rifle. That's where it went wrong. The ammo must be separate, and lockable, from the rifle, because of this only the rifle counts as luggage There is...
  10. T

    Greetings from a South African trained Sussex Stalker....

    Hi Everyone I have been a member of the Stalking directory for some months, but it slipped my mind to do the intro....apologies. I grew up in SA so stalked extensively on friends and relatives farms from the age of about 12. I stalked mainly bushveld and plains antelope (with some wingshooting...
  11. B

    Wanted: Plains Game Cull Hunting

    I am out in South Africa in early to mid August and am interested in spending a couple of days hunting some plains game, nothing big just cull sized quarry. I will have transport just need a basic set up nothing fancy? Ideal location would be 1-3 hours drive from Pretoria/Johannesburg. If...