UK Forum Guys in South Africa


Good Day All

So last year I posted on the Forum about a Mixed bag Hunting Package in Free State Province of South Africa.

Mike Hamer - a Keeper and Forum Member replied and said they are interested in doing the package.
So the plan was for March 2019.

So they were 3 guys and shot 12 animals, 350 Pigeons and Doves, 8 Jackal, 1 Caracal, missed a few ducks and had a ball of a time.

There were also a 940m shot on a Blesbuck that was pretty awesome

All and all myself had a great time with them

I would just like to thank the forum for that.

Here is a few photos of the Hunt.



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Thanks for sharing , I am in the middle of planning my 5 th Africa (Namibia) trip for next year. Just love it.


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I love the fact that even when gamekeepers go on holiday all they want to shoot is vermin! :) Looks like a great trip.