south africa hunting

  1. South Africa Hunting 2021

    Hi. What are people thoughts on the chances to fly to South Africa from the U.K. this summer ? I have a rolled over trip from last May to this May, personally I do not think we get there, but friends I am travelling with are a lot more optimistic then I am. Hopefully I will be proven wrong on...
  2. UK Forum Guys in South Africa

    Good Day All So last year I posted on the Forum about a Mixed bag Hunting Package in Free State Province of South Africa. Mike Hamer - a Keeper and Forum Member replied and said they are interested in doing the package. So the plan was for March 2019. So they were 3 guys and shot 12 animals...
  3. Available: African Hunting Specials - Umlilo Safaris

    Hallo to All Happy new year to everybody. Please find attached our 2017 prices. If you have something in mind that is not listed, please email or PM us. Regards Johan Dorfling