1. T

    First Fallow, the one that got away, and first Red Stag (by accident!)

    Very new to stalking, with only a couple of days stalking for Roe before this. I had set a goal this year to cover three species and do some woodland/hill to see the difference and try to learn. So this weekend just gone, was down in Devon, and without much luck on the first evening, I was up at...
  2. DJB266

    The cherry popper!

    So yesterday morning I finally got my first! After 3 stake outs in the high seat covering the field the farmer told me he regularly sees 9 roe in produced nothing both myself and my mate thought it was a lie! I had no deer! A glimpse sighting of some through a hedge on land I couldn’t shoot...
  3. paulbshooting

    Wanted: Stalking in Kent

    Good evening I will be working in the Edenbridge / Hever area for the foreseeable and keen to find some stalking to enjoy as the evenings stretch out and to relax whilst away from busy home life during the working week. The local pubs and Kent ale are great so keen to also stop a habit...
  4. Bof

    Wanted: Muntjac stalking

    I would be interested in Muntjacs (stalking or high seats). We would be 2 hunters (one from France and one from Belgium). We are NOT looking for gold level trophies, but we are rather looking for a new experience (and a souvenir from that experience). We would be able to move to UK for a...
  5. G

    Wanted: young lad willing to work anywhere in perthshire for FREE to gain experience

    hello all, i am looking for somewhere to help out on a shooting estate or deer forest, i have over 10 years shooting experience, and 4+ years experience as an underkeeper/stalker. i am struggling to find work, but willing to keep my hand in by helping out! anywhere in Perthshire, or UK wide if...