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  1. Chamois hunter in Swiss Alps

    I live in the Swiss Alps (Valais, Verbier). I hunt chamois, deer and roedeer. It is mainly stalking. I use a sako rifle 30-06 spring.
  2. Guide stalker tip

    Morning all, I've got a morning stalk coming up at Hockwold, what is the current suggested amount for a tip for the guide? The last time I went I saw plenty of deer, got my rifle onto sticks twice, sadly not a safe/humane shot presented itself, I only had £20 with me so gave that as a tip...
  3. Wanted: Looking for syndicate opportunity for 2018

    Although relatively new to deer stalking, I am an experienced rifle shot, having held part one firearms for around 40 years, I've been buying stalking days this year and into next and its proving to be costly to maintain in the amount of outings I would like to do, so in the interests of world...
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