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Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: Lionsteel T5 Knife

    Part of my clear out of stuff. This is an unused, still boxed, Lion Steel T5 knife with a 5" blade. The cheapest I've seen is £130+, its a top quality heavy duty knife. Selling for £90 inc. postage. (obv to 0ver 18s only)
  2. Wanted

    Gents does eny body have a bono case and harness for sale kuiu would be good
  3. Hi all

    Hi all, Ben here, I'm new to stalking and have just got my firearms ticket through so will be buying my first rifle soon. I have permission near Huddersfield and York, both very different permissions one is hilly ground with a good head of roe whereas the other is flat as a pancake with some...
  4. Introduction

    Hi All, Joined the forum today to learn from all the other experienced members. I have recently taken up stalking so plenty to learn. Got my FAC certificate some time back and have been spending time on the range with my .308 Based out of Berkshire I am quite keen to see if there are any...
  5. Homemade Standing stick setup "Quadpod"

    Got bored this evening. Decided to make myself a "Quadpod" for the odd standing shoot when it is required. Think they will be very useful for the nitesite when out scouting about for the slippy fox also. All in think it came to ~£15 Any of yourselves made a stand/rests your particularly proud...
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