Homemade Standing stick setup "Quadpod"


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Got bored this evening. Decided to make myself a "Quadpod" for the odd standing shoot when it is required.

Think they will be very useful for the nitesite when out scouting about for the slippy fox also.

All in think it came to ~£15

Any of yourselves made a stand/rests your particularly proud of? share and share alike!



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AWMC - i like the front balance stick. had thought about doing that myself.
Steady enough to zero from but not 100% practical for stalking
Bit like chopsticks and difficult to set up in thick cover or standing crops
Your set looks useful


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AWMC - i like the front balance stick. had thought about doing that myself.
I saw an advertisement the other day for commercially made "quad sticks" that also had a fifth stick so effectively making them "quin sticks". I just wonder how long it will be before someone comes out with a set of "Hex sticks". I don't suppose it will be too long before we will all be carrying the full mecano set with us when stalking. :stir: :lol:

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I have used twin and quad sticks with a cord descending down from the top rear joint
stand on it and lean in and you have the 5th leg without the actual stick.

also doubles as a drag rope!


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If they ever discontinue those green bean poles the deer stalking community will be up in arms. Here is a prototype of something I am working on....



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Not home made but the best quad sticks I have tried. It may give some of the DIYers on here some ideas.