1. Sold: Viper Flex Journey

    Viper Flex Journey Mark 1 9/10 condition Carbon tubes that don't freeze hands £205 posted
  2. Sold: Vanguard Quest T62U Tripod Shooting Sticks - Brand New

    Vanguard Quest T62U Tripod Shooting Sticks Brand New, in packaging These retail at around £100 Grab a bargain as these are just £80 including p&p. For your info, the postage costs me £12 due to the length of the sticks.
  3. Wanted: Viper-Flex Elite Shooting sticks

    Does anyone have a set of these they don't use and would be interested to sell? I'm curious to try them! Please 'PM' me with any offers
  4. For Sale: Harris Bipod

    Harris Bipod 8-12'' model i believe. Non-swivel model. Fits to sling stud on rifle. Looking for £50 posted.
  5. Homemade Standing stick setup "Quadpod"

    Got bored this evening. Decided to make myself a "Quadpod" for the odd standing shoot when it is required. Think they will be very useful for the nitesite when out scouting about for the slippy fox also. All in think it came to ~£15 Any of yourselves made a stand/rests your particularly proud...
  6. Viper-Flex Quad Sticks

    Hardly used, non 'Go Lo' model, 2 months old £130 posted
  7. The difference quad sticks make!

    Been using Anthony Coyle's quad sticks for a few seasons now and they really do take your shots to a new level. This image is a 100 yard DSC1 target which isn't that big at that range! No lateral movement just breathing control required. Before any jokers comment, the red dot shot isn't a...
  8. Hello All

    I have just opened a trade account here as I supply sticks for hunting, stalking and other outdoor pursuits. We sell handmade sticks from two local gentlemen who are also hunting, stalking and fishing enthusiasts. We have antler handled and magnetic topped sticks. I also supply stick making...
  9. Primos Trigger Stick V's Vanguard Pro Stick

    Evening all, Firstly, my apologies as I know this is a bread and butter question for the site.... stalking sticks! However I am in the market for a set of tripod stalking sticks and haven't found a conclusive answer in any of the previous threads. At present I use a polecat mono pod for the...
  10. Brass alpine hiking spike ??

    Someone, somewhere, must do these for stickmaking, but I can't find them. It would be nice to match a brass collar with a brass spike ferrule. At a reasonable cost ! Any ideas ? Thanks, S
  11. Foresters stick (variant)

    Finished my sticks today... Went down the Forester stick route; made a few (a lot of) mistakes - but have learned for the next set! 10ft Hardwood dowel (Ash) (£10.25); Old Brass sleeved bolt from a bed (free - pennies); fake (polyester) sheepskin/fleece (free - pennies, "borrowed"...