1. Hi

    Hi Passionate hunter based in Surrey’ looking for deer stalking opportunities and interested in rifles and associated optics. Used to ahoot a lot in France aome time ago.
  2. What's going on in Surrey?

    I had a phone call from a friend who has seen a couple of dead deer by Nower woods (both sexes), with no obvious signs, apart from 1 with a low "hole" near the diaphragm. Apparently the skull was fresh about 2 weeks ago. Then another call from Holmwood saying they've found a deer in the back...
  3. Introduction

    Hi, I'm in Surrey and don't stalk yet but it's probably in my future at some point. I shoot target with .22, .223, .308. I used to do a lot of 12bore for clays but these days it's mostly rifles.
  4. Wanted: Paid Stalks near Woking, Surrey, UK

    Hi everyone, Any paid stalks near Woking, Surrey, UK, you would recommend? Thank you!
  5. Hello all from Surrey, UK

    Good afternoon all, I am joining as a beginner in stalking - my background is in archery but I've recently completed all probationary courses at the NRA at Bisley, in addition to skills courses, and I am currently in the midst of waiting for my FAC. Looking for some advice into paid deer...
  6. Wanted: Wanted - Roe, Muntjac - Surrey/ Hampshire area

    After 12 years, a divorce (the landowner, not me..) means I will loose the main piece of ground I current have and I am looking for lease opportunities in and around the Surrey/ Hampshire border area (within 30-40 minutes of Hindhead) for Roe (happy to control Vermin etc) I have never had to...
  7. Wanted: Seeking Stalking Syndicate in Hampshire/Surrey/Sussex Border areas

    Hi Folks Any stalking syndicates out there in the above area, if you have membership availability please get in touch. Ideally looking for a small friendly syndicate where all members know each other. (Not a commercial impersonal, just how many stalkers! setup) Availability is very flexible...
  8. Wanted: Deer Stalking mentor around Surrey/Sussex

    Hello chaps, I've recently relocated down to Surrey to start my surgical training and am looking for an experienced deer stalker in the area who would be willing to mentor an enthusiastic novice. I have been a keen Wildfowler for several years and have only recently been introduced to deer...
  9. Wanted: Deer stalking Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

    Hi Chaps, Has anyone got any stalking available in the surrey/sussex area? Or someone who wants to teach/mentor someone? Thanks, Simon
  10. Rural Londoner

    Hi Everyone, I'm a slightly odd fish but one that I think is becoming more and more common. Proper country boy by upbringing, loved pigeon shooting, fretting, stalking, fly fishing my whole life but now circumstance finds me living in Central London and working as a management consultant...
  11. Wanted: Deer stalking Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

    Hi Chaps, Myself and my shooting partner are looking to for some deer stalking and pest control rights in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and surrounding areas. More than happy to pay, lease, or join a syndicate. More than happy to carry out any work, fencing, digging etc. We have our own high...
  12. Bonjour everybody!

    I am french and have been living in the UK since 1992. I am passionate about shooting, wines and cooking, and also love motosport, flying planes and building things. I have passed the DMQ level 1. I am looking for stalking opportunities around Windsor (within 45mns) to put delicious food on...