1. dmouland

    Poll: Do you need a supplier of Fox non-toxic ammo in Sussex?

    Hi all, Please can you comment on this post and let me know if you are in Sussex and are looking for a supplier of Fox ammunition (non-toxic)? And if so, what calibre and weight? I currently supply the bullets however I don't have the ammunition in stock. There would need to be considerable...
  2. dmouland

    Wanted: .30-06 220gr ammo expanding Sussex

    Looking for 220gr .30-06 ammo for a double rifle. In the Sussex area. Does anyone have any for sale or know of a shop that sells them? Soft point/partition etc.
  3. dmouland

    Wanted: Red/ Fallow/Sika culling Sussex or syndicate place

    Hi there, I am looking for either someone to book with for the end of this year or early next year for some Sika/red/Fallow culling in/nr Sussex? Or a possible syndicate opening (Happy to pay for grounds with good population. I stalk with a good friend who tends to like to follow and watch/help...
  4. E

    Hello all

    Hello all and Happy New Year. I'm new to deer stalking and looking to learn as much as I can. I've done my DSC1 as I thought it would be a good move. I'd like to get the DSC2 done this year. Also, looking to get as much practical experience as I can so any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  5. C

    Wanted: Syndicate deer stalking opportunities in Sussex/KEnt

    Hi, Looking for syndicate opportunities in Sussex/Kent or indeed any stalking opportunities (especially unaccompanied so that I can go on short notice/when I get a window as I work in the city and have very small kids at home so hard to get out regularly in advance). I am DSCI and have .243 on...
  6. E

    Edgar - New Member

    Hello! I have been shooting almost since I started walking (thanks to my late father) although admittedly only with a .177 air rifle at first. I spent many years in HM Forces and took the opportunities on offer to use a wide variety of firearms. I also shot pistol competitively for many years...
  7. S

    Wanted: Deer stalking Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

    Hi Chaps, Has anyone got any stalking available in the surrey/sussex area? Or someone who wants to teach/mentor someone? Thanks, Simon
  8. RuralLondoner

    Rural Londoner

    Hi Everyone, I'm a slightly odd fish but one that I think is becoming more and more common. Proper country boy by upbringing, loved pigeon shooting, fretting, stalking, fly fishing my whole life but now circumstance finds me living in Central London and working as a management consultant...
  9. S

    Wanted: Deer stalking Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

    Hi Chaps, Myself and my shooting partner are looking to for some deer stalking and pest control rights in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and surrounding areas. More than happy to pay, lease, or join a syndicate. More than happy to carry out any work, fencing, digging etc. We have our own high...
  10. Evillemon

    A great weekend in West Sussex

    This weekend i have been down in Horsham in West Sussex attempting to pick up my first fallow buck. Drove down early Saturday afternoon with my shooting buddy Chris and made our way over to meet Malcolm and a couple of other stalking directory lads Ricky and Les. After a few cups of tea and a...
  11. T

    Greetings from a South African trained Sussex Stalker....

    Hi Everyone I have been a member of the Stalking directory for some months, but it slipped my mind to do the intro....apologies. I grew up in SA so stalked extensively on friends and relatives farms from the age of about 12. I stalked mainly bushveld and plains antelope (with some wingshooting...
  12. B

    Thumbs up for Sussex Firearms Licensing Dept

    Latest variation just went through in just over 8 weeks - I was told it could take up to 12 weeks, so am thoroughly chuffed! I just wanted to comment that Sussex FLD were thoroughly helpful and professional - I've had my licence a while and have always made the effort to be polite and patient...