1. Red stag in rut. Rta

    Looking for a cape for a largish red stag that was involved in an rta. It’s own cape was ripped and hairless below the neck and chest. Located Lincs/Rutland.
  2. Sold: Reindeer rug large

    Large Reindeer rug 55'' Length and 42'' width at widest point. Cost me about £120. Selling for £65 posted. Lovely looking rug. Has a slight malt starting in certain areas but all rugs do/will of the deer variety eventually, it is hollow hair. Used for display, not been walked on. Selling as...
  3. New to site - old hand at taxidermy and tanning

    Hello to all! I am based in North Wales. My interest is in taxidermy and tanning, having been in the trade for over 25 years with many hours spent sculpting and re-creating trophy mounts, rugs, skulls etc,etc. I was trained through the family business and enjoy both the technical and artistic...
  4. New to Tanning

    Just got in to tanning, after tanning my 1st Fallow and some foxes, i have been using the K-tan but im looking for an alternative that may be cheaper or has the capacity to do more skins within one pack. Would anyone be able to shed some light on this, and any info would be great! Cheers
  5. Tanning/Taxidermy/Fur

    Hi there, I'm a Fashion design student going into my third year at Uni. For my final collection I would love to use UK based fur. For my dissertation I am writing about fur as a bi-product, and the benefits of using fur in modern fashion. I have already contacted pest control in the UK and...
  6. Antlers cas sets wanted,12 point and over,

    I am wanting to buy some good sets of cast antlers or either barter against a mount etc,Large capes also needed,Anyone interested ?Large capes in the park size,:-D