telescopic sights

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  1. Scopes available in the 1950s ?

    I have a BRNO rifle from the early 1950s and I'd like to fit a scope from the same period. Does anyone have some advice about what was around then? Presumably the early US Lyman (Alaska?) and Weaver (K4 and K6?) scopes would suit, but the Zeiss Diatal-D and Diavari-D and the Swarovski pre-Nova...
  2. Nikko stirling gold crown 4 x 40 angle scope

    Hi Guys Any help? Brother has this scope on air rifle, having trouble adjusting vertical cross hair, shooting 2 inch high with tight grouping. Any idea why it does not seem to adjust down at all, threads work fine and scope in excellent condition. Cheers Auld Blair :(
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