Scopes available in the 1950s ?


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I have a BRNO rifle from the early 1950s and I'd like to fit a scope from the same period. Does anyone have some advice about what was around then?

Presumably the early US Lyman (Alaska?) and Weaver (K4 and K6?) scopes would suit, but the Zeiss Diatal-D and Diavari-D and the Swarovski pre-Nova series would appear to be more like the 1960s than the 1950s. I don't think Schmidt and Bender were around then either.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
BRNO's were available with a Zeiss scope with built in mounts , I had one on my 9.3 x 62 zkk 602 rifle . Good strong scope only problem was the reticle which was a pointed post moved unlike modern scopes . However as the scope was fitted to the rifle at the works and was serial numbered it was pretty much central and only vertical adjustments needed to be made with different bullet weights / loads. The scope was a zf4/s .
Thanks for the replies, it would seem that 1950s scopes didn't have centred reticles and most didn't have clicks on the reticle adjustment turrets.
Some candidates would probably be:
Kahles Helia Super series
Pecar (pre-Champion, which had centred reticles)
Hensoldt scopes before they started applying Zeiss (West Germany) markings
Zeiss (East German Jena) such as the ZF4/S
US scopes like Weaver, Redfield, Burris and Lyman