Leica Amplus 6
  1. Newbie looking to learn!

    Hi, I’m Chris (known as cece), live on the north Norfolk coast but work in the southwest! Got experience with shotguns and air guns but looking to arm myself with the right information and a bit of experience to move up to FAC and become a part of the deer stalking community. all help and...
  2. Stalking Directory...Bloody good folk you lot 👏👏👏

    Just a quick post... I’ve been a member of this forum now for a number of years and have learnt a great deal. I have enjoyed engaging debate. I have been hugely entertained and met some bloody good people. Yes there’s some ribbing, some bickering and remark provoking comments from time to...
  3. Paul from Hampshire

    Hi there New member in Hampshire and returning to rifle shooting after 30 years, although that was target shooting so I’ve a lot to learn. My wife is also starting. We’ve got a .243. It’s a Tikka T3x based on many recommendations. Scope is Zeiss conquest v4 6-24x50. Also have .17 HMR on our FAC...
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