Stalking Directory...Bloody good folk you lot 👏👏👏

The Lucky Hunter


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Just a quick post...

I’ve been a member of this forum now for a number of years and have learnt a great deal. I have enjoyed engaging debate. I have been hugely entertained and met some bloody good people.

Yes there’s some ribbing, some bickering and remark provoking comments from time to time. However red blooded banter is to be expected when putting a group of people together from all walks. People whom share the same passion for a pursuit that sees so much vitriol from those who simply don’t understand what we do and why we choose do it.

I have met a good number of lifelong friends via this forum. Some of whom took me under their wing and offered me free guided stalking when starting out purely to see the baton continue to be passed. Some who have offered advice and time freely. Some who have offered kit at the cost of postage just to see someone get value from their unused purchases. (You know who you are folks 😉)

This week 3x separate unrelated members of this group have really helped keep me positive in what are challenging times.

1. An SD friend exchanged a primer press for the princely sum of some venison for the fridge and has promised to help me nail my reloading.

2. Another SD member was game enough to take the chilli chocolate challenge I sent him. Please do check out the video in the venison crust recipe post. Jez is probably still locked in the latrine

3. Nancarrow knives last was kind enough to help me fix some BooBoos with my 1st attempt at homemade knife and gave me a fantastic look at the kit, the process and the methods he uses to produce what I would consider as a lifelong professional butcher to be some of the finest craftsmanship I’ve had the pleasure to handle. (Please check out his work as a trade member on here Ritchie_6.5x55)

Top folk you lot....pleasure to know you all 😉👍


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Totally agree with you my friend, although some who have no faith in our great land do disappoint me. I have met some terrific folk through this forum, some who are no longer part of it through being too outspoken and some who manage to cling on 😂. A great pity in one case as he really is a font of both stalking and life knowledge. However that is life and we on the forum carry on chattering away thanks to the lads that run the show. I have acquired a very good helper on here as I start to lose mobility and thank goodness we have now become great friends and hopefully he may take over from me on the estate in time.


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There are a lot of people on this website that are decent honest chaps.
And then there are some that come under the name of Sceadugengan ( old saxon/norse )


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Have to agree I’ve not been hear to long but in the main I’ve have had nothing but sound advice from a lot of members covering a fair few of different topics that I have raised, with out some of the stupid sarcastic remarks that get posted
like I know everything and I don’t need advice , I ask because I don’t know, more the fool who doesn’t ask in my opinion
and to those who have helped
many thanks 😊


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As others have said haven't been on the site long but feel very welcomed and getting stuck in with the convos
And can't thank everyone enough for the advice as unless you know someone locally it can be daunting especially when looking at the kit to get
Thanks to everyone on here!
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