1. dmouland

    A lovely evening tracking...never said by anyone!

    A lovely night of tracking... never said by anyone! We had a 10hour stalking and highseat session in some Sussex woodland yesterday. Baking hot day and a nice cool breeze and chill as it cooled down towards sunset. I hear a shot not far from my seat as my pal isn't far away in another seat. I...
  2. kimh

    For Sale: Scout Rifle 243 for sale

    Styer Scout in 243, fluted/full set of butt spacers/built-in bi-pod/fab safety system/spare mag in stock etc Vortex scout crossfire II 2-7x32 scope on a forward mount rail (this had a mark on it when delivered, I polished it out...
  3. An Taín Hunting Outfitter

    Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound x Traditional Irish Staff (Pups)

    (Ready 21st of June) £100 (£50 secures pup - via paypal). Parent Details: Sire - 2 1/2 yr old Bavarian Mountain Hound (tracking dog) Dam - 3 yr old Traditional Irish Staff (tracking dog) Sire, Dam and (sire) KC cert can be viewed on collection/viewing. Wormed fortnightly with Panacur...
  4. An Taín Hunting Outfitter

    Sold: Northern Ireland - Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400

    Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400 bitch - £70 deposit secures (non-refundable) Pups currently three weeks old - Viewings now available (Sire and Dam always present) All pups wormed (at 2wks with Panacur liquid) and will be fully inoculated. Microchipped on request...
  5. M

    GWP re-homing

    Hi all I have a 4 year old GWP that I want re homed. He’s an excellent tracking dog on both live and cold scent. Workington most efficiently on blood. Have also used him on boar and is the same as deer. The he problem is is that he needs to be in a one dog home with no children. A home with a...
  6. colc08

    For Sale: Huge Price Drop Of Tracking Gear! Everything Must Go.

    We have implemented a huge price drop of surplus stock of tracking jackets, vests and collars. This is an offer that will run only until 4th July so grab a bargain now. Tracker Jackets = *SOLD* Tracker Vests = *SOLD* Tracker Collars = *SOLD* Tracker Lines = *SOLD* For more details on...
  7. colc08

    Huge Price Drop Of Tracking Gear! Everything Must Go.

    We have implemented a huge price drop of surplus stock of tracking jackets, vests and collars. This is an offer that will run only until 4th July so grab a bargain now. Tracker Jackets = *SOLD* Tracker Vests = *SOLD* Tracker Collars = *SOLD* Tracker Lines = *SOLD* For more details on...
  8. M

    Puppy heel training

    I was wondering if about starting heel training early. I have a 9 week labrador puppy who is doing great. Already sitting on command, coming when called etc - learning very quickly off the other dog. However, the older one has never been excellent at heel and I would like the new pup to be...
  9. M

    Looking for scent shoes

    Hi all i an currently after some scent shoes, to aid with the training of my bmh. Al I can find is really expensive ones and no cheaper options. thanks Rhys
  10. M

    Trackers in Berkshire wanted for finding missing/gone to ground(?) teckle

    Hi all, my teckle has disappeared, not his style being a sofa loving lad. He escaped(?) the garden with the other teckle morning of 22.10.15 Normally they just dig up the mouse bank on the other side of the gate but this time the female was spotted in the village and returned with a big tear...
  11. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Dog Harness and Tracking Lead

    This harness is made for big dogs (chest 67-82 cm) e.g. German Wire-Haired Pointers as pictured on the website. It is padded for extra comfort. It has reflective stitching for night time safety and is bright red. It is easy to put on the dog. We currently have 2 in stock but if more are ordered...
  12. Blackdog

    UKSHA Facebook page

    Good evening, I wanted to invite everyone to have a look at our facebook page. We have a wealth of information on there regarding tracking and recent tracks including plenty of pictures. Please feel free to have a look if you have a spare minute...
  13. M

    sourcing teckle tracking gear

    am loving it that there are a good number of teckels on this site (reading on from teckle pups). Can anyone short cut me to locating good teckle tracking harnesses? Many thanks, Marnie
  14. S

    My Vizsla - at 6 months old he has started training to the gun and the stalk

    Not bad as yet - just getting a little boisterous and entering the phase of 'doing what ever the hell he likes!' Time for some smack down…..
  15. M

    Deer Cluedo. Who can decode this info?!

    Hi all, I'd like to know if anyone here can give me an idea of species and numbers with the following set of poorly gathered intel. Like deer Cluedo. I am new to all this and have not got an FAC or permission yet but am making steps in that direction. I was a bit disheartened that the local...
  16. tjm160

    How many stalkers own or have ready access to a deer dog?

    Following on from the "Is .243 Big Enough" debate, how many own or have ready access to a dog capable of tracking a lost animal? From the plethora of posts on the topic, it appears almost inevitable that regardless of calibre, capability or experience, at some stage all stalkers are likely to...
  17. Evillemon

    Any guesses what species of deer from this print?

    Morning gentleman, Im quite new to this stalking business so i apologise for my ignorance, but is it possible to hazard a guess at the species of deer from this print i found in the woods on my permission? As far as i was aware it contained only muntjac however this print instantly struck me...
  18. H

    Dog Tracking Day - NGO

    The NGO are running a Dogs for Deer day in Berkshire in March - I am going to go to see if I can pick any new ideas up. It should be a good day. I got the information from the NGO website and have booked my place NGO Deer Branch | Introduction to tracking deer with dogs They are also holding...
  19. B

    Training Hanoverians

    There are a number of fellow members, mainly living in the North as far as I can make out, who think that we who believe in precise training with scentshoes and tracking collars and such like are seriously overegging the pudding. That is putting it mildly! The late lamented 6pointer was a case...
  20. B

    Tracking in the dark

    I was away for a week stalking so did not join the fun in the now suspended discussion about yellow collars and such like. I go even further. My hound has an elastic Bodoband with her name, address and a phone number. As she is now 7+ I quite often track with her without a lead. By putting...