1. Rifle Stock Refinishing: Step-by-step

    Another short pictorial showing the refinishing process of a rifle stock. There are many ways of doing this, this is just my preferred way. The stock arrived as shown. It had previously had a dose of Nitromors, which didn't work. The first step was to clean the chequering with paint...
  2. For Sale: Handmade Fly Boxes

    Made from Walnut, with a resin border inlay and brass hardware. Choose from either a black or white closed cell foam liner. Finished in a water resistant satin lacquer. 125mm x 90mm x 32mm. Limited quantity available. £50 (inc. postage) www.adambragg.co.uk info@adambragg.co.uk
  3. Making a new wooden butt plate

    A quick post showing my way of making and fitting a wooden butt plate. I used measurements taken from another gun the customer previously had fitted. There are many ways of doing it, this is just my preferred method. Firstly, the existing butt plate is removed. A piece of walnut with a...
  4. Dominant eye macula damage forces crossover rifle stock enquiry

    The macula is the small area of the retina responsible for the highest visual acuity, so my eye specialist told me. Damage to the macula causes a distorted image of the cross hairs reticule and blurring of the target (I keep both eyes open). If it is limited to one eye, a crossover stock (as...