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  1. Emberleaf or muntjax knive

    Hi all, is anybody selling any used emberleaf knives or a stuart mitchell muntjax knife please? Many thanks Mark
  2. Wanted: Srx mount to pard 008

    Hi all looking for advice or what you have for sale, for srx Mount to pard 008! What’s out there and what’s good to use please?
  3. Wanted: WANTED: Zeiss 50mm flip up cover

    As per title - looking for Zeiss 50 mm flip lens cover for scope (6.24x50 V4 Conquest) Many thanks, Tom
  4. Wanted 223 moderator 1/14 S/H

    Hi I'm looking for a second-hand moderator for my 223 tikka 1/14 thread Thanks
  5. M14x1 muzzle brake

    Any M14x1 muzzle brakes around?? For 270 cal.
  6. Wanted: Optilock low rings

    Blue Optilock 30mm low rings. Must be in good condition and complete. Many thanks.
  7. Wanted: Photon 5 x42 bits

    Photon 5x42 Anyone know where I can get the Objective flip up lens cover(rubber) with the center hole appreciate any info thanks.
  8. 204 ruger custom comp brass wanted

    After some 204 ruger custom comp brass if anyone has any for sale Tia
  9. Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi all, I have an empty 308 slot I fancy filling with one of the following, .Howa Varmint barrel in Berzerk stock .Mannlicher Steyr Cl, Sl,or stutzen .Sako 75 As you can see I’m a man of wide tastes...long range foxing weapon, or classy stalking companion...open to suggestions It will be a...
  10. Wanted: Shooting opportunities in East Midlands

    Hi guys. Just moved to Nottingham direction and hoping to find some local shooting. Deer syndicate would be very nice but unrealistic at this stage so even any accompanied would work. Much appreciated James.
  11. Wanted: Stalking Highland / Inverness-Shire

    Evening, Im looking for some stalking in the Highland / Inverness-Shire area. Has anyone got anything going? Thanks
  12. Wanted: 2 x Syndicate membership

    Hi All Does anyone have or know of any syndicate places available soon? Myself and my stalking buddy are looking for syndicate membership for 2017/18. Both are DSC1 and fully insured with 3+ years (we have both been shooting much longer than that) experience of highland and woodland stalking...
  13. Leupold Milrad Elevation Turret wanted

    Does anyone have / know where I can pick up a Leupold Milrad elavation turret dial? I have a Mark AR MOD 1 3-9x40mm with a P5 dial with big markings for 55gr 223 - not much use to me as I shoot a heavier load. Just want one with a clear mil scale. thanks
  14. Wanted: Red/ Fallow/Sika culling Sussex or syndicate place

    Hi there, I am looking for either someone to book with for the end of this year or early next year for some Sika/red/Fallow culling in/nr Sussex? Or a possible syndicate opening (Happy to pay for grounds with good population. I stalk with a good friend who tends to like to follow and watch/help...
  15. Wanted Sako 75 iii Synthetic stock 243cal

    Hi all, I'm looking for a synthetic stock for my Sako 75 243 preferably green, would also consider McMillan.
  16. Trigger wanted

    Hi guys iam looking for a CG Jackson two stage trigger with safety for a remington model seven can anyone help please will take new or good secondhand or maybe someone knows who is an agent in uk for same , thanks john.
  17. Wanted : Reloading equipment

    Hi, I am keen to do some reloading and I am looking for some beginners kit.I have a .270 at present, advice and your thoughts would also be welcome as to whether I should buy a new cheap kit or look to get better quality second hand equipment? If you know of anyone who is looking to sell...
  18. Hello

    Hi there .I live in Bolton and started life as a game shooter and wildfowler . In the last couple of years i got my FAC and have .22, 7.92mauser and .308win ParkerHale. Iv only just acquired the .308 Parker Hale and went to try it out at Altcar today . Im having some difficulty finding mounts...
  19. Wanted: Experiance wanted in the north.

    Hi there, Would anyone being willing to let me follow them whilst they stalk to get some experience in the field? If payment is required I will pay but don't want to paying a huge amount as I don't want to shoot at any deer yet. ​I want to gain experience in the field and learn the ropes...
  20. Wanted: Cull beasts in Cambridge

    Heya, I am looking to do some stalking for cull beasts (for eating rather than trophy hanging) in the Cambridge area. I am a student, therefore I have limited funds and no vehicular means of transport. As such, I was hoping there would be someone out there who could pick me up in Cambs, go out...
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