1. Wanted: Stock for CZ457

    Testing the waters as to what's available for a CZ457. Maybe someone has upgraded and has something sitting or has their eye on something ? Let me know!
  2. Wanted: 6.5 creedmoor

    Looking for a 6.5 creedmoor ideally a Tikka T3/T3x with mod Cheers
  3. Wanted: CZ 527 .223 Stock Kevlar

    Looking for a Kevlar stock for a CZ 527 .223. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
  4. Wanted: Large (6+) gun cabinet in SW England?

    Long shot I know, but is anyone looking to move on a larger (6 gun or greater) cabinet on in the Somerset/Devon/Bristol area? Obviously would be willing to collect, not going to make you try to ship it!
  5. Sold: .17 Hornet

    Hello all! I’ve been searching for a while now but have not been successful… (Not the right ones on the usual sites either or have been snapped up …) I’m looking for a .17 Hornet, Ideally a Weihrauch HW66 but will consider others too like the CZ 527 or what else have you got? Due to this...
  6. Wanted: PPU Brass 6.5x55

    Hi Does anyone have any PPU brass in 6.5x55 they want to sell ? Preferably new Thanks 👍
  7. Looking for experience/part-time work.

    Hello all, I'm a relative amateur looking to re-train as a Stalker/Guide/Ranger of some sort in the future. I've been out the past few seasons and got a good few hinds. I also passed my DSC 1 in February and got my FAC in April. My fiance and I are looking to move out west to the Islands...
  8. Wanted: 36-44 ish scope

    Hello I’m looking for a medium size objective lens scope to go on top of a light weight rifle. No particular price point though not looking for super premium. Happy with something simple, variable mag would be good. Prefer something clean looking to a tactical style, big turret affair. Let me...
  9. 6mm br lapua brass

    Hi Anyone got a box of new 6mm br lapua brass, Thanks Stephen
  10. Wanted: Anything going in the South West Area?

    Hello, Due to having to leave my previous farm job because of family issues (now sorted), I am now looking for a new job. Currently have accommodation just outside Chippenham, Wiltshire, however we are coming up to the end of our tenancy so would consider moving elsewhere in the surrounding...
  11. Wanted: KRG Bravo

    Hi, I am looking for a KRG bravo for a T3 action in black. thanks, Rocco
  12. Wanted: WANTED, McMillan A3 or Manners T4

    Hi, I am looking for a McMillan A3 adjustable stock or manners t4 with a tikka t3x inlet. I am wanting the colour to be marble with a mixture of either black, tan, green - black, grey, green - or something similar. thanks, Rocco
  13. Wanted S&B 8x56

    Hi All, Looking for an S&B 8x56 Scope with a 30mm tube if anyone is looking to get rid of one. Thanks in advance, Harry
  14. I need some help?!

    Hello, I am trying to find some hep for an unusual request we have. sadly my mother in law passed away last week, she was 85. We used to take her out on drives in hope to see a Deer, she had never seen one. We wondered if there was any chance of having a deer present at the crematorium grounds...
  15. Syndicate/ walked up shoot Lancashire

    Evening all, looking to join a syndicate in lancashire. I have two labs, both of which pick up. I’m not too worried about bag size, just looking to join somewhere I can get out, be involved and have a laugh whilst working the dogs and hopefully pulling the trigger once in a while. if anyone...
  16. Emberleaf or muntjax knive

    Hi all, is anybody selling any used emberleaf knives or a stuart mitchell muntjax knife please? Many thanks Mark
  17. Wanted: Srx mount to pard 008

    Hi all looking for advice or what you have for sale, for srx Mount to pard 008! What’s out there and what’s good to use please?
  18. Wanted: WANTED: Zeiss 50mm flip up cover

    As per title - looking for Zeiss 50 mm flip lens cover for scope (6.24x50 V4 Conquest) Many thanks, Tom
  19. Wanted 223 moderator 1/14 S/H

    Hi I'm looking for a second-hand moderator for my 223 tikka 1/14 thread Thanks
  20. M14x1 muzzle brake

    Any M14x1 muzzle brakes around?? For 270 cal.